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About Me

Singing lessons, vocal coaching, piano lessons and flute lesson for all ages, all levels of experiences and in all genres and styles of music.

My vocal lessons involve focus on vocal health, strength, control and range as well as confidence building and performance exercises.
My piano lessons involve a focus on technique to make you a better, stronger player as well as the option to learn popular songs to add to your musical repertoire.
My flute lessons involve focus on tone development as well as important technique work to strengthen your overall ability.

I've been teaching now for 14 years and have loved every second. It is wonderful to be able to pass on my skill to others and see them take joy in their newfound abilities. So get in contact if you want to learn some music!


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2013 - 2013

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At 8, flute was my first introduction to music making. It opened up a whole new world for me and I have never looked back.
Although a challenging instrument to learn, I poured my heart and soul into learning and now pride myself with having a beautiful tone and rock solid technique that I love to share with others. Flute playing may at times be difficult but is oh-so rewarding when you're able to create. such wonderful music.

I began learning piano when I was 12 because ,for one I loved the music that could be made from it, and also I wanted to learn to accompany myself while singing. That now is exactly what I teach - to make wonderful music and to accompany your own voice. I teach both classical and contemporary music, however I find a combination of both is best for musical development.
Piano is a big part of my life and I hope to be able to share it with others.

Focusing on vocal health and strength, I can help you develop your singing voice (and yelling voice!) to be the best it can be. Anyone can learn to sing with me!
Learn various techniques to inrease your breath capacity, get more power in your voice, expand your vocal range so you can hit those high notes and to get better control over your voice to make it do exactly what you want. All while keeping your vocal health a top priority.
Nervous? No worries, I involve confidence building exercises as well as performance technique exercises too :)
I cover all genres of music - rock, pop, jazz, classical, musical theatre etc.
Lessons are super fun and tailored specifically to each students needs and desires.

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