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About Me

My name is Jason lee and in 2015 I graduated from Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield.

I’m offering tuition and HSC mentoring for Year 12 Mathematics and Business Studies

I personally believe that through correct exam technique, this will be the most important aspect in the HSC in maximizing marks. Due to this reason, my lessons will consist of teaching how to approach exam questions, as well as helping with assignments and understanding the syllabus as well as largely based on what you need help with – either through face to face, email or Facebook. Furthermore, as a past HSC student in your school, I will be of great value to you as I can ensure you to get the best possible marks as the assessments do not change that much from previous years. The HSC is ultimately just a game and you must have a strategic plan implemented to achieve the top percentile of your cohort.


Business Studies comes to me quite naturally as I have self-taught myself the majority of the concept and extremely confident in all of the four topics (Operations, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources). Knowing and fully understanding the syllabus is so important in succeeding in Business Studies. The questions asked in the Trials and HSC exam expect students to recall all syllabus bullet points under the specified section. I can assist students by applying the syllabus to familiar, real-life examples which will make it memorable and easily applicable.

I have much experience with Mathematics in general as I have done accelerated courses for Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1 in 2014 as well as repeating again for both in 2015. While I may be capable of teaching Mathematics Extension One, I personally believe that Mathematics is a subject that I am more passionate and have achieved higher marks which can be reflected through better teaching and exam techniques. I can confidently say that my expertise and experience with the 2 Unit course will definitely help you improve 1-2 bands in the duration of the year.

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