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About Me

Hello my name is Arunabh Banerjee and I received the following study scores for my 2015 VCE subjects:
• 45 in Business Management
• 44 in Further Mathematics
• 43 in English
• 42 in Legal Studies
• 41 in Psychology
For an overall ATAR of 96.50

I am hoping to help you in your 3/4s (or 1/2s) by offering:
• Yearlong tutoring and support
• Weekly notes for all SACs and coursework
• SAC style practice questions
• Practice exams and advice for how to tackle end of year exams.


Bachelor of Commerce (First Class Honours)

Monash University

2016 - 2019

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 0602897A, Expiry Date: 08/02/2021)


I achieved a study score of 45 Raw for my Business Management studies in 2015 and maintained a high A+ average through the entirety of my school SACs. I have gained a lot of experience about the subject and can definitely help you in understanding the core concepts behind BM's numerous areas of study. I can also help with the provision of study tips and will also be able to provide numerous helpful resources ie. Practice SACs and practice exam papers, so that you may become better acquainted with the end of year exam and how to tackle it successfully.

For VCE English, I achieved a study score of 43 Raw. With regards to this, I can confidently say that I know the coursework well and can adapt to any course material that you are undertaking; whilst also helping you succeed in your SACs and providing knowledge on how to tackle the various types of coursework in English. I can also provide tips on how to improve your current writing and review any drafts you have written for school submission.

With a study score of 44, I believe I am well qualified to guide you in its concepts and ideas. Further Maths is a subject that depends more on a conceptual and theoretical understanding, and thus, require a solid understanding of its core concepts from the very beginning. Whether it be learning how to use a recurrence relation formula to model a compound interest investment, or tackling a 5-point median smoothing during a statistical analysis in Further Maths, all the separate areas of study in Further Maths require a strong and infallible knowledge of the basics; something which will be of utmost importance to me during our tutoring! Once these are taken care of, I will be more than glad to help you with the more complex and daunting aspects of Further. This will not only include me answering your questions, but also providing difficult practice questions, practice SACs and practice end-of-year exams (when the time comes), thus helping you to grasp all of the knowledge you will need to succeed, and ultimately helping you to achieve your desired study score in these subjects!

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