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  • Learn Chinese Efficient and Entertaining. All classes will be tailored to your own needs!

About Me

Find Chinese difficult to learn? Do not worry! I am here to make
your Chinese learning efficient and entertaining!

All classes will be tailored to your own needs!

Business Chinese
Chinese for daily communication
VCE Chinese (second language)
Chinese for kids
IB Mandarin

For beginners:

If you are interested in Chinese language and culture, I will help you to improve
your communication skills and introduce to you fantastic Chinese culture.
Let us get started!
If you are about to travel around or live in China, my lessons will make your life
much easier.

For intermediate learners:

I am here to help you improve your skills in all areas of Chinese learning. you will
be able to pronounce authentic mandarin and use native expressions in Chinese
after attending my lessons. Moreover, if you are preparing a Chinese test, I am
here to help you get satisfactory results in short time. All worksheets and notes
will be specialized to your needs.

For business people

Language should not be a barrier in your business. After attending my class, you
will find it a lot easier to communicate with your Chinese clients and colleagues.
Moreover, I will also help to get you more familiar to expressions in your
professional business fields.

For kids:

If you are looking for a responsible and patient teacher for your kids, I am the
person you are looking for. I am professional and experienced in kid education
and my classes for kids are entertaining. Let me help to get your kids more
interested in Chinese language and culture.

No matter you are beginner or advanced learner, I am looking forward to helping
you use Chinese more confidently!

I have been a part time Mandarin tutor for more than 3 years. My students
come from many different countries and different ages. They all find Chinese
learning a lot easier after attending my class. I am especially good at helping my
students get prepared for their Chinese tests. I have been tutoring Mandarin in a
Chinese international school and I have helped dozens of students get
satisfactory scores in HSK, SAT, VCE Chinese tests. Moreover, I am also
experienced in tutoring children. I have tutored kids from 5 years old to 12 years
old and my classes were specialized for each kid.
Besides, I worked as a high school English teacher in China for half a year before
I came to Australia and I really enjoyed communicating with my students. I
would love to help my students get improved in their studies.

I have achieved Bachelor of Teaching and Teaching Certificate in High School in
China. I am recently undertaking Master of Education in Monash University.
I have also achieved Certificate of Mandarin Proficiency from National Language
Committee of People¡¡¥s Republic of China.

To get a general idea of my teaching style, please visit the youtube link


Master of Education

Monash University

2015 - 2016

Private Mandarin Tutor

Gracie's mandarin tutoring

2012 - 2016

English teacher

Nanjing 5th High School

2014 - 2015

Bachelor of English Education

Nanjing Normal University

2011 - 2015


Mandarin tutoring
$40 for 1 hour
$55 for 1.5 hours
$75 for 2 hours

Mandarin tutoring
$40 for 1 hour
$55 for 1.5 hours
$75 for 2 hours

Piano tutoring
$35 for 1 hour
$60 for 2 hours
( Only for introductory level)

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  • Mandarin
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