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  • 27 year old with Bachelor of Science from Macquarie University and 8 years tutoring experience

About Me

Education has been part of my life as long as I can remember. Being raised by a family composed of a myriad of hard working school teachers, academics and businessmen, the ability and passion to teach, and learn with enthusiasm, has always come naturally to me. You will never see me as excited as when I see a concept finally click for one of my students! I respond to my students' effort with positivity and encouragement, attempting to be at their disposal whenever they need me.
Online tutoring from anywhere in Australia is more than welcome (however, I have specific NSW curriculum knowledge), and locations and times are negotiable.

HSC & Preliminary Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (2U); Years 7-10 Mathematics, Science, Geography


Bachelor of Science (Major in Geography)

Macquarie University

2015 - 2019

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0901910E, Expiry Date: 04/02/2016)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: NCHRC-2016-13515, Expiry Date: 12/02/2016)


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This time is used to get to know the new student, gauge their level and plan our overall goals.

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* HSC & Preliminary
* Years 7-10

* HSC & Preliminary
* Years 7-10

* HSC & Preliminary Mathematics (2U)
* Years 7-10

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Clare (29 Feb 2016)
This girl got me through my preliminary and HSC years! She also tutored my brother who only has kind words to say about Eliza too! Full of passion and enthusiasm. Highly recommended