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  • Guitar / Piano / World Music - St. George & Sutherland Shire. I'm qualified with a Bachelor of Music and majored in guitar during my studies. As well as the guitar I also teach piano and world music courses.

About Me

Been thinking about taking up a satisfying hobby you can share with family and friends? Perhaps you don't want your kids on their iPads quite so much. In any case, learning to perform music is a very rewarding talent.

My name is Andy and I do local music tuition for beginner and intermediate musicians in the St. George and Sutherland area. I'm qualified with a Bachelor of Music and majored in guitar during my studies. As well as the guitar I also teach piano.

I've been teaching for over 10 years now since finishing my studies. I'm experienced with teaching students of all ages from young children to elderly adults.

I conduct tutoring from my home studio in Revesby. If you do not have a guitar or keyboard as can be the case with beginners, I have these available for use. If you have a young child who you would like to expose to music properly for the first time, I run a course touching on world music, different cultures, instruments and songs from different parts of the world.



Australian Institute of Music

2006 - 2009

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A beginners introduction to music. The primary level course will cover the core of music including basic musical theory, aural training, rhythm and the first steps of an instrument major.
The student will learn the foundation of written music and how to sightread musical sheets/charts. The aural training is to improve the students listening skills, to perceive the difference in the timbre of instruments and to recognize chordal movements and changes in intonation.
The rhythm section is predominantly practical and is essential in building the students rhythmic coordination, understanding of time signatures and how these apply to written music.
Students can learn these skills and their application to either the guitar or piano. Learning material will be provided so all the student needs to bring is their instrument and a willingness. This is a primary level course but is not limited to only younger students. People of all ages can take up this course as it's never too late to learn music!
Students who wish to complete a Grade level from the AMEB can do so.

World Music.

This is my latest course and one which I'm really excited about! My World Music course is a great introduction to students of any age to the seemingly infinite varieties of music in the world and the places they originate.
Here in Australia we have a rather narrowed perception of music and what it means today. Determined by corporations, fueled by consumerism, just getting exposure to something different is getting harder and harder. This can be detrimental as we now have younger generations growing-up who aren't even familiar with art-forms such as jazz, blues or classical. Music to many people has become nothing more than video-clips and DJs moving faders on-stage.
This course lifts the lid on the abundance of musical genres out there and looks into where the music has originated, why it came about and why it is so important to the people who created it.
From Indian ragas and Mongolian throat singing in Asia, to the Aboriginal Dreaming here in Australia. We will look at many different cultures and their influences, instruments and beliefs.
This is a course that I'm happy to teach in groups with listening activities, practical rhythmic activities and a touch of theory.

My guitar-focused lessons are tailored to the student. Some people wish to learn guitar as more of a hobby than a professional skill in which case this is the course for them. We will look at the students' desired outcomes, create a plan around that with the steps to reaching their goal.
You can learn how to play many of your favourite tunes on the guitar without having a thorough understanding of musical theory.
Some wish to learn their favourite acoustic pieces to singalong to. Others like to head-bang to powerful rock anthems. Either way, this course is about showing the student how it's done as easily and as quickly as possible.
For those who want a course which is a little more all-encompassing, I suggest looking at my Primary Music course where there is less focus on just the instrument.

My piano lessons are available for beginners and are a great introduction to the instrument. Piano is an excellent choice as a first instrument which is why many parents will enroll their child for this course. Beginner piano is often a 'feeler' for parents who would like to see their child attempt an instrument but are unsure if it's their calling.
The student will learn hand-eye coordination, the basics of sight-reading music, an introduction to rhythms & tempos and naturally their first songs with familiar melodies.
Although there is a lot a student can get out of this course, they won't reach certain goals unless they're having fun! I tailor the courses to students by discussing with them what music they like or what songs they'd like to learn. You would be amazed at how often a younger student already has a goal in their mind, and my job is to help them get there.

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