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  • Excel, VBA, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS Help

About Me

I am structured, methodical and analytical minded, loving to help people understand more and become self-sufficient. It doesn't matter what your current level of knowledge, I can help, guide and instruct you from very basic to advanced (and even professional).

I am also willing to take on non-students, e.g. workers in a professional context.

*Honorary member of Golden Key International Society (top 15% academic) and within top few students numerous subjects numerous years

*Working professionally with hands-on real world consulting experience for >5+ years - extensive professional experience with (T)SQL, SSIS/SSDT, SSRS, Databases, Data Modelling and related concepts, Star Schemas, Kimball, Business Intelligence (& Excel), etc.

*In additional to core skills, I also have deep understanding and able to provide advise in terms of performance tuning, query structuring, indexing, etc., and able to ensure good coding practices from the outset.

Other Subjects
-SQL, SSIS, SSDT, Excel (and VBA), Databases/Data Modelling/Kimball/Star Schemas/ER Diagrams/etc.

Approx Caulfield Location:
$50 hr, One-on-one cash or bank transfer
$70 hr for two-on-one cash or bank transfer

- Not willing to travel outside of area, but can tutor remotely or even internationally through skype/web conference.

- I only wish to take on those who have a willingness to learn and improve (whether student or professional).
- I will not do your assignment. However, I do believe in helping you acquire the understanding, knowledge and skills to do it.

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