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About Me

Teenagers happy and excelling at their learning make their parents happy too!

Metalkin Tutoring, based in Sydney, has an elite team of National University of Singapore (world's top 10 universities across 11 key subject areas, Channel NewsAsia, Feb14), UNSW graduates and former NSW teachers with years of experience teaching the HSC syllabus and their respective majors.

We are eager to helping you/your child filter out concepts meant to confuse, remember only the knowledge points that score and get to the distinctions you/your child missed last year. Keen to knowledge sharing, ability to inculcate interest in learning and quick results. For the younger version of ourselves, we are able to push the bright students to higher understanding and allow the transit to local or overseas universities a more meaningful journey.

We dare to take on tutoring of university subjects because each of us come from our respectable major, having achieved distinction or above for every subject we teach.

Reasonable rate for 1-1 and small group tutoring. As we are full time professionals, we have limited time to teach, so secure a timeslot now before it is snapped up. Discounts are given to students who commence before March 31.


Manufacturing Engineering and Mgmt


2009 - 2010

Electrical Engineering (Honours)

National University of Singapore

2004 - 2008


One of our tutors is an elite graduate who excelled in English Advanced in HSC, with an HSC ATAR of 97.45

A in Singapore GCE A Level in both Maths 9233 and Further Mathematics. Being an engineering graduate, teaching high school maths is a piece of cake. I have 9 years of tutoring experience.

2nd Upper Class Honours from National University of Singapore in Electrical Engineering, GPA of 4.23 out of 5.

Grade 6 achieved. Fluent in numerous pop songs and classical pieces.

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