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  • ATAR of 99.4 with a Premier's Award for All-Round Excellence in the HSC

About Me

The most effective way to stimulate students’ interest in their subjects is to demonstrate the contextual relevance of syllabus material in the real world. Having an instinctive passion for Mathematics, I believe i am able to present it as a invaluable tool in modelling complex phenomenon in various disciplines. My strong essay-writing skills and interest in current affairs also allows me to teach Business and Legal Studies in an insightful way.

Having completed my HSC in 2015 and attaining an ATAR of 99.4 with a Premier's Award for All-Round Excellence in the HSC, I believe I have an extensive understanding of both the theory and application of syllabus concepts. I was also previously a peer tutor of Mathematics in high school, and thus have an appreciation of the diverse needs of students with different interests and abilities. My tutoring sessions will therefore be tailored to the specific needs of the student, whether it be in explaining course theory or in developing essay-writing and problem-solving skills.

In my first year of university, I achieved a high distinction average across my subjects. I offer tutoring in finance, economics and mathematics units.


Bachelor of Commerce (Finance, Mathematics Double Major)

The University of Sydney

2016 - 2016

(In Progress)


Business Studies lessons will comprise of a balance of theory and application. I will be emphasising how to integrate course concepts in creating a coherent response to both short-answer and essay responses in examinations. Case studies will also be used to demonstrate the importance of operations, marketing, finance and human resource management strategies in real-life.

Legal Studies lessons will develop student understanding of the role of law reform in ensuring social justice outcomes are achieved. Students will also be provided with insight into the operation and effectiveness of legal and non-legal mechanisms in ensuring justice is achieved for different members of society. Lessons will develop students' critical thinking and essay-writing skills.

Mathematics (2 Unit and Extension 1) lessons will be tailored to the specific needs of the student. I will be working together with the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a holistic strategy for them to maximise their marks in examinations. Lessons will primarily focus on the application of mathematical concepts in past papers.

Economics lessons will include a comprehensive coverage of fundamental concepts in micro- and macroeconomics. Subsequent lessons will focus on problem-solving strategies and case studies. A basic review of differential calculus and linear algebra will be included, if required.

Targeted courses:
ECON1101 Microeconomics I- UNSW Australia
BUSS1040 Economics for Business Decision Making- University of Sydney

Lessons in finance will introduce students to basic concepts in financial mathematics and markets. Theory and application lessons will focus on the operation of financial markets and institutions, the role of financial instruments (stocks and bonds), annuities/perpetuities, capital budgeting techniques (net present value, internal rate of return, payback rule, profitability index), CAPM model/linear regression, weighted average cost of capital, Markowitz portfolio theory, statistical analysis (beta, risk and return trade-off). There will be a review session of finite/infinite geometric series and basic statistics (mean-variance analysis, linear regression techniques), if required.

Targeted courses:
FINC2011 Corporate Finance I

MATH1003 Integral Calculus and Modelling (University of Sydney)
-Differential equations
-Riemann Integration
-Physical Applications of Calculus

MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics (University of Sydney)
-Catalan Numbers
-Set Theory
-Basic Combinatorics
-Generating Functions
-Mathematical Induction/Proof/Logic

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