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I've been tutoring since late 2011. Since then I've tutored both primary and high school students, and several subjects. I've mostly tutored Primary English (Stages 1-3), Primary Mathematics (Stages 1-3), High School English (Stages 4 - 6), and High School History (Stages 5 - 6). Over that time I've learnt about students' interests and knowledge, and used these aspects to help students become independent, creative and critical learners.

In addition I undertook a Bachelor Education (Primary) at Macquarie University from 2014-17. In that time I have had practical experience in teaching Kindergarten. Additionally I have learnt a series of strategies and methodologies that I believe would be applicable to secondary students as well.

I possess my own vehicle, I am familiar with the Sydney Metropolitan area, and I plan my journeys in advance so transport will not be a problem for me.

My resume containing my employment history, references, qualifications, contact details, and personal information is available on request


Masters of Theology

University of Newcastle

2014 - 2017

Italian Beginners

Centre for Continuing Education

2016 - 2016

Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

International House

2008 - 2008

Certificate of Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

International House

2008 - 2008

Diploma of Arts (Archaeology)

University of Sydney

2006 - 2008

Certificate of Attainment- Introduction to Grammar

International House

2007 - 2007

Bachelor of Arts (History, Politics and Philosophy)

University of Western Sydney

2002 - 2006

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0181077E, Expiry Date: 04/02/2024)


In developing specific skills students require in English I include reading, writing, text analysis, text comprehension, argument composition, detecting themes and placing events, characters and personalities in context. To achieve this I relate texts to students’ current knowledge, personal experiences and related material they may have encountered. I also stimulate students to think independently about the course material as well as sharing my own knowledge. I have tutored students in fictional narratives, poetry, drama, electronic media and orations.

In addition I highlight the importance of the influences on the composers, the contexts of the sources, and comparable materials and personalities. I have assisted students in their studies of poetry, memoirs, fiction, theatrical texts, and electronic texts.

I have taught both Mondern and Ancient History. The abilities in students I aim to develop consist of assessment composition, argument structure, text analysis and comprehension, in addition to reading and writing. This is achieved through a combination of direct instruction, exploiting students’ current knowledge, prior knowledge and interests, eliciting creative and original answers on the subject matter, assisting student research of source material, and providing material which offers new perspectives on the subjects.

Additionally I have tutored students in utilising primary and secondary sources, understanding the historical, social, cultural and political contexts of events, the motivations of personalities, and appreciating the relevance of the archaeological and written records. In addition I mentor students inn the importance of context, causes of events, the roles of different personalities, and the varying perspectives on historic events.

I guide students to be creative, independent and critical mathematicians. To achieve this I introduce students to novel calculation strategies. I also ask students for their opinions on what they believe will provide a solution. In addition I build on prior knowledge, such as school work and previous lessons, and familiar daily experiences where possible. To build confidence I provide encouragement by praising students for achievement. To build interest I attempt to include concepts and subject students know and enjoy.

As an IELTS trainer, I am required to assist students in their preparation for the Speaking and Listening sections for the IELTS Test. I act as assessor and mentor to adult students. My task is to simultaneously listen to their speech and assess it. Afterwards I critique their skills in pronunciation, fluency, speed, grammar, and vocabulary and subject knowledge. In regards to their listening abilities, I utilise an audio CD which they must concentrate on and answer questions. After the completion of the listening task, the class and myself review their answers during which time I offer methods and strategies which may assist them in acquiring their desired listening results. I also inform them on their results, had the practice session been an actual exam. Throughout the lesson I offer advice and information relevant to the Listening and Speaking sections of the IELTS exam; such as conduct during the test, institutions which host IELTS, possible practice methods outside of the college, and what to expect from IELTS examiners.

As and ESL Teacher I teach skills in listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing, and issue and correct homework. I teach all language levels educated at S.I.E.C; Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced.

I also attempt to teach students these abilities through interactive teaching methods if possible.

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