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  • Arabic language tutor. I have over 7 years of experience providing one-to-one language tutoring.

About Me

I am a language graduate from Morocco with a BA in French and Linguistics and an MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation (French, English, and Arabic). Both degrees were obtained in the UK. My working languages are English, French and Arabic. I have over 7 years of experience providing one-to-one language tutoring. Additionally, I was the French conversation and Arabic teacher at an all girls' school in the UK.
I am an enthusiastic teacher, a trained linguist and a certified translator and interpreter. I specialise in Arabic (Modern Standard and Darija - Moroccan Arabic) language teaching to complete beginners and advanced students. I use my training in linguistics and translation to help students gain an insight and understanding of how languages work. I believe that teaching languages as social and cultural codes that can be deciphered can help students overcome the obstacles that language learning can present. Classes are always tailored to the student's specific needs and abilities. With your end goal in mind, I endeavour to teach in a way that is engaging and enduring. I have helped students learn to master the Arabic script, converse fluently in MSA, and gain a solid grasp of the grammar of Arabic.

I also teach Darija - Moroccan Arabic. As this is a dialect, there is almost exclusive focus on speaking with grammar rules always in mind.

I am passionate about languages and in addition to my working languages, I also speak Spanish and Hebrew. My passion for language stems from my interest in world cultures and the desire to bridge the linguistic (and cultural) gap between parties that cannot understand one another. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Conference Interpreting and Translation

University of Leeds

2012 - 2013

Modern Languages and Linguistics

University of York

2009 - 2012


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