About Me

Is help scoring a higher ATAR/GPA the only thing you're looking for in a tutor? If so, I've saved you a click because I'm NOT your ideal tutor.

If you're searching for complete explanations in simple and concrete terms taught in a patient yet passionate way, please keep reading!

My mission is to make your learning as memorable and useful as possible. If you score excellent marks but forget everything or can't actually use your knowledge, I've failed you as a tutor. When you love maths and science, see the connections between content and have practical problem solving skills, my work is done. As a full-time tutor, I care about your abilities constantly growing in the long term. You can rely on me to support you for as long as you need. I won't abandon you over holidays or before your final exams and I won't make you dependent on me either.

If you get to the end of this ad and still have questions, want some advice or just feel like a chat about education, please call, text or email. I'll gladly arrange a time to chat with you, no strings attached.

Not sure if we'll work well together? The first lesson is only $40 and I'll never pressure you with lock-in contracts or commitments. Is the tutoring actually for your child, sibling or friend? I work well with young students as I'm fairly young too, despite my grey hair.

How do I work? I tutor one-on-one in either my Clayton learning centre, online, or in your home. I record the lessons in Microsoft Onenote, which you'll be able to watch and play back anytime, anywhere.

What subjects? Any maths, chemistry, physics or biology for students in highschool or university.

How much do I charge? Ongoing lessons are $80 per hour, no matter how they're done. If I travel to you, there's also a $20 travel fee.

Is the fee too expensive? Do you have family or friends who are studying the same subjects? I am happy to accommodate up to 4 students in any lesson, with no extra charge, so you can split the costs.

Know anyone else who might work well with me? Please share this ad with them! I'm always keen to give advice and support to new people.

Now it's time for the backstory: What makes me a full-time tutor? I might be the first tutor you've met who gave their friends tutoring lessons on maths and science in the playground when they were 7! I held physics lessons about static electricity on the trampoline after zapping people too many times. It took until 1st year uni in 2003 to turn this hobby into a job, which was so fun I spent more time tutoring than studying. In 2010, I left my job as a chemist in a lab so I could tutor full-time. In 2015, I teamed up with a psychologist to create Brave HQ, where students of any age can come to receive complete educational, emotional and psychological support. We're proud of cosy space we've created in Clayton and our mission to champion the rights of students above anyone else.

My basic TL;DR resume:
⚡ Bachelor of Science (chemistry)(honours) Completed 2008
⚡ professional full-time tutor since 2010
⚡ 1000's of hours supporting 100's of students across 10's of years
⚡ 31 years old, with a sense of humour
⚡ ready to answer any maths, chemistry, physics and biology, even relating between them in the one lesson
⚡ 100% commitment to tutoring for as long as you need me
⚡ obsessed with absorbing new maths and science so I've got fresh knowledge to share

Got more questions? Please call, text or email anytime. If I'm with another student or it's past my bedtime I'll arrange to chat with you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

✓ I have been tutoring since 2003
✓ I have had over 400 students during
✓ I can help across Mathematics and Science at most levels.
✓ I have tutored full time for over five years.
✓ I am a member of the Australian Tutoring Association and Australian Mensa.
✓ Published in the Chemistry Journal, Tetrahedron Letters.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, I work from the Brave HQ
learning space in Clayton for $80 per hour session. You can receive this rate either by
coming to Clayton or by receiving live online tutoring. All sessions are live and audio-
recorded, so you can review the lesson at a later time at your convenience.

Alternatively, I can come to you in the Bayside, Kingston, Monash, Glen Eira and
Stonnington suburb collections of Melbourne on Thursday and Sunday. The tutoring rate is the same, although a $20 call out fee is required.

The first lesson attracts a 50% discount, so you can share your learning goals with me
and see how I'll help you achieve them.

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 02317251-02, Expiry Date: 12/05/2020)
  • Police Check


Honors in Organic Synthetic Chemistry

Monash University

2007 - 2008

Science with double major in Chemistry

Monash University

2003 - 2006


Jeremy Kindler

Introductory Lesson 50% Discount

There are 5 remaining weekly appointment times available for new students in 2017. I will take expressions of interest for tutoring in 2018 when these spots fill up.

Promotion End On 01/06/2017


Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics, General Mathematics and any other category of mathematics are included

Lesson Information

  • Lesson Type:
  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Lesson Language:
  • English-PTE Academic , English-General
  • Edithvale, VIC 3196
Madison s (15 May 2017)
Jeremy was great - he explained concepts in great detail and over and over again until I understood fully, never losing his patience. After each session I felt more confident and ultimately at ease in the final exam.
James A (13 Dec 2016)
I've been working with Jeremy for the past three years and I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. His astounding knowledge of all subjects and great personality enabled not only great learning but an enjoyable and fun session every time. I would definitely recommend Jeremy for any student, whether they be struggling with a subject or just need a little extra help.