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About Me

I have completed one year of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Sydney University, where I studied human biology, molecular biology and genetics, psychology, linear algebra, writing and rhetoric as well as analytical thinking,

I am passionate about everyone having a sound and broad education that surpasses what is tested. Academic success is something I would love to see many more achieve, as this opens opportunity.
I believe in a comfortable open learning space but where we as a pair work with discipline and diligence.

Completed the HSC 2014.

PSYC1001 and 1002, HB1001, AHTNK
1001, WRIT1001, MATH1014, MB1001 at Sydney University 2015

Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School.
Majoring in ceramics.
Studies art history and theory:
Electives are modern Asian art and architecture.
Currently I am studying one of my passions; fine arts. I have learnt about Western art history and theory as well as that of Edo Japan and other Asian art.


Fina Arts

National Art School

2016 - 2018

(In Progress)

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