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About Me

Beginners Welcome
PIANO BY EAR is a simple, sensible and yet remarkable way to learn how to play the piano.

Learn how to

√ Play songs just by listening to them
√ Understand the logic behind chords
√ Deconstruct famous songs
√ Improvise melodies and chords
√ Develop an organic sense of rhythm
√ Write your very own songs
√ Play successfully with other musicians

"Very often people ask me if you need a special talent to be able to play the piano by ear. It's not like that. It's only a matter of using the right techniques. Pretty much anyone can learn it.
I've successfully taught hundreds of people how to play piano by ear".

Marco Ricciardi


Bachelor of Music (Music Education)

Brazilian Conservatorium of Music - Rio de Janeiro

1989 - 1993

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Although I have formal music education, my method is very different from your everyday conservatorium-style piano tuition. I teach by ear…no music sheets, no sight reading. If you want to learn cool things like jazz, blues, pop or song writing, improvisation, harmonisation, chords and If you want to learn fast and in a fun environment, I’m the right teacher for you.

My method is really great for people who are truly interested in learning what is going on in the background as opposed to just memorising finger patterns or chord shapes and If you’re a curious person, who loves learning new stuff and finding out the logic behind what you do, you'll love my method.

The learning pace is set by you. When it comes to practicing, I know you’ll do as much as you can and if you can’t for whatever reason, no dramas, we’ll practice together in class.
If you’re still not sure, book a FREE trial lesson to find out OR get in touch to find out more.

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