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  • Harmonica lessons available from an experienced teacher. Have fun while you learn to play music on this amazing little instrument. Explore all styles of music and learn to improvise.

About Me

I have been teaching the harmonica for 15 years. I am confident that I help you to
have fun and to make quick progress.
I have been playing harmonica for 40 years, and have grown to love this beautiful
little instrument.
I still play occasional gigs in an original folk, blues and roots duo, and have in recent
times performed at the following festivals:
Bridgetown Blues
Nannup Music Festival
Denmark Festival of the Voice
Perth Fringe Festival
RTR Winter Music Festival
Fremantle Hidden Treasures
Subiaco and Fremantle Cruelty Free Festivals
One Movement Festival (Fringe)
West Coast Blues and Roots festival (Fringe).


Bachelor of Arts

University of Western Australia

1974 - 1980

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 1053388, Expiry Date: 02/06/2018)


I will tailor make individual lessons just for you, and ensure that you get the most out of the time you spend learning and practising. You will never regret taking up the harmonica.... and the sooner that you start, the sooner you start making music. My Approach: I focus on getting people to "know" the harmonica and understand its layout, rather than concentrate on teaching specific songs, although the latter is also possible. I also work through how and why you can use a given harmonica to play in different keys, for example using a C harmonica to play in C, G, D minor and A minor. There is no need to read music nor to understand musical theory, although we will touch on a small amount of theory to understand how harmonicas work, and how to play with other musicians. I concentrate on helping the player to develop a good technique and build familiarity with the instrument. Lessons are meant to be fun, as is practice. The harmonica is a beautiful little instrument that is meant to be enjoyed. To do the lessons, if you do not already have one, you would need to purchase a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of "C" Major. That key is necessary as "C" is a standard key for teaching many musical instruments, and it is the key in which I have teaching materials available.

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