About Me

Hi there,
I'm currently a 2nd year VCA student, studying jazz on the bass guitar and double bass. I can teach on both or either just fine, and am happy to teach theory alongside the practical lessons, as I find this facilitates learning much better as a whole package.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Contemporary Music)

Victorian College of the Arts

2013 - 2014

(In Progress)


I studied and am familiar with the secondary school courses, although I do like to receive the individual course outlines as they can differ school to school. I've learnt from some of the best bassists in the country, and can teach all styles of music, from classical to south american styles, to jazz, rock, blues the list goes on. I can also give performance tips and teach improvisational techniques. This all being said, I'm happy to take on students who are not studying in programs at school.

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