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Are you a Classically trained Pianist trying to get into Jazz? Or just want to learn how to play, listen to and appreciate Jazz? If so, keep reading.

I believe it’s important to understand music as well as be able to play it. I started learning Classical Piano over two decades ago. And while if you put a sheet of music in front of me I could play it, I found I didn’t really understand music. I had questions like:
- What makes certain chords sound good together when played in a progression?
- How do I know what scales to use over a particular chord or song?
- Why can you use lots of different scales over the same chord?
- Why does ‘modern’ music sound so different and strange?
- How do you make a chord sound interesting and jazzy?
- How do you create a melody or a chord progression that sounds good?
- How do you know what to play when you’re improvising?

Learning to play and understand Jazz helped me answer all of these questions.

Jazz is a broad and complex genre of music and it’s often difficult to know where to start. I teach everything you need to know to play and understand and appreciate Jazz, including:
- How to improvise
- How to make your chords sound jazzy
- How to choose scales and create melodies
- How to reharmonise a song
- How to compose a song
- The Chord-Scale Theory
- Modal Jazz Theory
- And everything else you need to play and appreciate Jazz

I’m based in Glen Iris, but am happy to travel to your house if you live in the surrounding area. First 30 minute Trial Lessons is FREE - so we can meet each other and have a chat...probably about Jazz.

Please feel free to contact me through my website if you're interested.



Piano Performance and Music Theory


1995 - 2017


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First 30 minute Trial Lessons is FREE.

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