NAOKI OKADA Essendon, VIC 3040

  • I like read book so I can teach you basic and literally Japanese also Japanese teenagers cultures since I'm young

About Me

My name is Naoki. I'm from Osaka and 21 years old.
I like reading book so I can teach you basic and literally Japanese also Japanese teenager cultures since I'm young:)

Also I like traveling. I have been to many places in Japan and took pictures so I can teach you many interesting places and I can show you my experiences.
And I think that Osaka cultures(my native prefucture) are particular and interesting.

How much do you know about "Kanji"
I talked with an Australian friend when he don't know "Kanji's Boshu" That is common bad thing because it is very important thing.
For example "流れる" "泳ぐ" "注ぐ"
「氵」is common part in each Kanji that meaning is relate to you can image about the Kanji's detail.
This is just example.

I have some Australian friends so I can teach you common mistakes.

I have no experience to teach Japanese but I have confidence because I worked in Italian restaurant which need to have polite Japanese .

I can teach you from 4pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

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Accounting and management

Vocational accounting school

2015 - 2017

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