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  • Tutoring & Solving Programming C#, C, ASP.net, Java, Javascript, SQL, OOD

About Me

My name is Lexi. I was a software engineer in Taiwan. I have bachelor degree of Computer Science(IT), and now I am going to study my master degree of IT at QUT.

I have 3 years experiences for web development in the GIS centre at Feng Chia University, and I am good at C, Java, C#, ASP.net, JavaScript, SQL, Entity Framework, Lin Q, OOD.
I also have 10 hours teaching ASP.net experiences in Australia, and a week teaching ASP.net and SQL in Taiwan.
I enjoy to teach something to someone because I think that it's a knowledge transfer :)

Now, I'd like to provide some services on the weekends, such as solving problems, debuging, and tutoring.
So, I can help you to find out the error from your project, and also help you to finish your homework/project.
And even you just wanna start the first programming language!
I have good concept about programming skill, software, and OOD knowledge.

Just email me your problems!


Computer Science

Feng Chia University

2010 - 2014


If you have some task need me to help.
You can follow the step:

1. Send me your task by Email. (Task details, Dead Line, Which language, Do you need to teach? or just need the result)
2. Check and give you feedback. (Price and When can I finish)
3-1. If you need to teach... When I finish, I'll tell you, and we can agree a time/date/place to meet you and teach you until you understand. (This step is freeee!! )
BEFORE we start to teach, you can pay by cash or transfer money to my account.
3-2. If you don't need to teach... When I finish, I'll tell you, and BEFORE I send you result, you can pay by transfer money to my account.
The Price depends on how long do I spend, almost $30/hr.

Teaching place I prefer public place, it's safe to you and me : )
(Library, Cafe)

Email Address: a0953051118@gmail.com

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  • ESL
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  • Brisbane, QLD 4000
Dogol (12 Mar 2020)
Hi Lexi, I am a student looking for some programming unit in QUT. I am doing web and mobile connection application development. I am struggling with java and I need some support through out the semester. I am happy to pay 20per hour because i am going to need a lot of hours support. Let me know if you can help?