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  • Harvard Graduate with over 10 yrs of tutoring exp. Maths and Sciences

About Me

Hey there, great to meet you and thanks for visiting my profile.

My name is Jesse and I’m a LearnMate tutor for 2U Maths, 3U Maths and Physics

The HSC can be a really intense process and everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Give yourself a pat on the back for reaching out for a bit of help. I’m here to help you achieve the best you can. While you need to put in the work, doing well in the HSC is about learning smart not just working super hard.

My experience, both personal and through the students I have helped, has shown me that studying in the right way makes more difference than putting in lots of hours. I help students use proven methods based on cognitive science to pick up knowledge faster and hold on to it for longer – that means better marks for the same amount of work.

A bit about myself

I have been tutoring for over 10 years at high school and university level. Over this time I have helped over 100 students and so I know how to adjust for different learning styles and abilities.

I finished the HSC in 2006 and attained a UAI of 99.45 (what the ATAR was called back then). I received a band 6s in 2U Maths (97), 3U Maths (92), Physics (94), Chemistry (93), and a band 5 in Maths 4U (88).

I have a really strong understanding of Maths and Physics since I have a Bachelor of Engineering that I graduated with a High Distinction average. I also just returned to Australia after getting an MBA from Harvard Business School in the US.

Doing well on the HSC is a combination of knowing the underlying concepts and also how the questions relate to the syllabus dot points. Yes there are a lot of dot points but if you work smartly you can learn how to answer them all.

As a tutor my job is to make you confident you will be able to answer the questions on exam day. My students don’t THINK they know things. I use regular quizzes to PROVE what they do and don’t know. It is way better to understand you don’t actually know something than to walk into an exam with false confidence. Other tutors do this but I think that is unprofessional.

I also spent my undergrad thesis building software that used cognitive science to help students learn more effectively. Students using that system outperformed their classmates by over 20%.

Every student I tutor gets the benefit of that learning and experience.
Also, I hold a valid Working with Children Check, and a NSW driver’s licence.

Availability, Costs and Session details

I am available to tutor in person in the Eastern Suburbs and CBD, or online. My time is generally quite flexible and so am available weeknights and most weekends.

I charge only $40 per hour for primary school students up to $70/hr for HSC level. While this might initially seem expensive you get what you pay for. You don’t want to look back and miss out on that Band 6 or ideal score just because you went for the cheap but less experienced option.

I have tutored hundreds of students over 10 years and was a course tutor at both UNSW and Harvard University. Additionally, for every 1 hour lesson, I spend 1 hour preparing.

If you and some friends want some group sessions then pricing per person gets cheaper. Furthermore, outside of arranged sessions students will be able to email for support and skype calls. I’m here to get you the marks that you want.

Contact me today and together we will reach your goals!


Master's of business administration

Harvard Business School

2015 - 2017

Mechatronic Engineering

University of New South Wales

2007 - 2012

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1441118V, Expiry Date: 22/08/2022)


FREE Baseline Assessment and 50% OFF first lesson

Every new student starts with a FREE baseline assessment so that I can assess the student's strengths and needs. I then use that to create a Personal Learning Plan.

On top of that all students who sign up by the end of the school year will get 50% their first lesson!

Promotion End On 25/12/2017

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