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About Me

Hi everybody. I am Andy Nguyen, an experienced tutor in Chemistry, Math Methods, Specialist Maths, EAL and Vietnamese at VCE Unit 1 - 4 level, as well as Maths and Sciences for Year 7 - 10. I am also a native Vietnamese speaker and I would love to help anyone who is interested in learning this language, either for leisure or academic purpose.

A little information about me: I graduated from Brunswick Secondary College as the Dux of 2013 with an ATAR score of 99.15. I was offered Melbourne Access Scholarship by The University of Melbourne. I am a Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) graduate (with H1 average) and is currently pursuing an academic career in immunology & cancer research.

The VCE (raw) study scores I received for subjects which I tutor are:
Chemistry (44)
Math Methods (43)
Vietnamese (43)
EAL (42)
Specialist Maths (38)

Other achievements I was awarded:
+ Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards in Chemistry, Math Methods, Specialist Maths, English (EAL) & Vietnamese
+ Participation in The University of Melbourne's Extension Program in Mathematics
+ Participation in Monash University's Chemistry Challenge Program
+ Participation in Monash University's Leadership Workshop for High Achieving Students
+ VCE Top Scorer in Vietnamese

For me, tutoring has always been a fulfilling experience. It gives me the opportunity to reflect upon my knowledge, to give back something good to students and to inspire them with my enthusiasm and commitment. I have a strong passion for education which I would love to share with you. I will always look forward to supporting you to achieve your greatest learning potential.

Depending on your academic level, I will focus on solidifying fundamental concepts, clearing up misconceptions and explore different strategies that enable you to avoid making repetitive mistakes. For some subjects, I have a vast collection of worksheets and notes personally prepared by myself to provide you as practice/revision materials. I am highly approachable and able to answer any questions related to the subjects outside the lesson times.

My tuition rates range between $25-50/hour, depending on the subject and academic level. The location for lessons is negotiable; it can be at your home, University of Melbourne Library or a suitable local library. If you have anymore questions, just don't hesitate to send a private message.

I have currently valid Police Check and Working with Children Check.

Apart from tutoring I enjoy DSLR photography, playing piano, solo backpacking and spending quality time with my family and friends. I also love getting involved in volunteering and social works, to help people in needs and contribute my efforts towards charitable causes.


Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) (BH-BMED) - H1 average

University of Melbourne

2014 - 2018

Diploma in Mathematical Sciences

University of Melbourne

2014 - 2017

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) - ATAR 99.15

Brunswick Secondary College

2012 - 2013

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 0042009A-03, Expiry Date: 04/12/2023)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: 50096131)


Special Offers

- 5% discount applied for lump-sum advance payment.
- First lesson free of charge if unsatisfied.

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VCE Chemistry Units 1 - 4 ($35-40/hour)

Mathematics Year 7 - 10 ($25-30/hour)
VCE Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics Units 1 - 4 ($35-40/hour)

Conversational Vietnamese
VCE Vietnamese Units 1 - 4 ($25/hour)

Lesson Information

  • Lesson Type:
  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
  • Lesson Language:
  • Vietnamese , IELTS , ESL
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Isabelle Magliozzi (3 Dec 2019)
Ahn was one of the greatest tutors I had. He tutored me in chemistry, a subject which I thoroughly dreaded studying for. Ahh made chemistry enjoyable and interesting for me, offering strategies which I hadn’t been taught in the classroom and consolidating my knowledge. His knowledge is impeccable and thorough. Asides from his excellence in tutoring, Ahn was very very flexible with his tutoring times and always made an effort to see me with my full on schedule. He is truly an an amazing tutor with very admirable skills and a great personality.
Jada Thai (19 Nov 2019)
I came to this tutor close to a month prior to my 3/4 Chemistry Exam, with low expectations, given that he would accept me in such a short amount of time. Within this period of time, I saw my exam results increase from 27% on my first trial exam to 80s. He has very strong knowledge content wise and how to cater to each individual student
Reannan Vella (18 Nov 2019)
Highly recommend Andy, he is a fantastic tutor! He provides worksheets as extra revision tools, always prompt, and accessible via message if needing any further assistance. Breaks content down very well and makes it easy to comprehend. Only regret was that I didn’t have him as a tutor from the start of year 12
Teodora Skilja (18 Nov 2019)
From our first session, I was beyond impressed by Andy’s professionalism and overall calibre. His preparation and knowledge exceeds that of many VCE teachers I’ve come across, including those specialising in Maths Methods and Chemistry, of which I specifically covered with Andy throughout the year. Over time I noticed Andy and I’s relationship becoming more unreserved and easy-going, allowing me to look forward to tutoring and feel as though I was being taught by a fellow friend. I could not have made it through the year without Andy. Not only did I re-learn the core basics of each subject, but detailed tips that have immensely helped me in my studies and assessment performances. His enthusiasm and desire for his students to succeed is unmatched. I couldn’t recommend Andy more!
Joc (15 Nov 2019)
One of the best, knowledgable tutors anybody could ask for. His enthusiasm, effort and willingness to help will certainly help you achieve the desired goal during VCE. He'll push you to do your best, and that's what's going to keep you motivated throughout the year. Thank you for an awesome, and encouraging year Andy! :)
Tiffenee (16 Nov 2017)
Andy was overall a great tutor. He was very understanding when it came to the pressure, expectations and workload associated with year 12 studies. He was flexible when it came to our tutoring sessions and happy to make adjustments when I was sick or had upcoming SACs. Andy provided me with a range of resources, including extra notes and practice questions that allowed me to better prepare for the SACs and end-of-year exam. My grades improved significantly since he became my tutor and I am incredibly grateful for his hard work and dedication. Thank you Andy!!
Britney Lay (16 Nov 2017)
Andy Nguyen is an exceptional tutor! He's incredibly knowledgeable and flexible. Without his assistance year 12 would have been full of hardships. Thankfully, he was able to provide his expertise in both chemistry and mathematical methods. Not only does he assist me in weak areas, he also makes me familiar with the content providing tips and extended knowledge to educate me as much as possible on the area of study. He's also extremely dedicated to ensuring that I was prepared and confident with both the upcoming sacs and exams. Due to his assistance I could definitely see an increase in my results. I would highly recommend Andy as a tutor! you won't be disappointed!!
Van Le (16 Nov 2017)
Great tutor
Faith Andres (15 Nov 2017)
Thanks so much for all the help with methods this year! You definitely provided me with some very useful tips & tricks to help me get through class work, SACS & the exam. Really appreciate all your help & support throughout the year & for being available to answer all my questions!!! Incredibly smart & friendly!!!!
Rhiannon Boudeleh (15 Nov 2017)
I needed some tutoring support for Chemistry and Andy was able to assist broadly and very informatively. Andy had excellent communication and organisational skills and always ensured the topic that was covered was efficiently grasped. My grades improved considerably in Chemistry. I highly recommend Andy as a tutor for his diligence, patience and flexibility. Thank you Andy!!