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  • Excellent Maths Tutor! More than 10 years of tutoring experience. Holding PhD and MS degrees from Stanford University, USA.

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Excellent Maths Tutor!

More than 10 years of tutoring experience. Holding PhD and MS degrees from Stanford University, USA.

All levels, including VCE/IB, Entrance Exam/Scholarship Tests and Uni/TAFE.
VCE/IB: Foundation Maths, General Maths, Math Methods (CAS), Further Maths, Specialist Maths, Maths SL, Maths HL.
Uni/TAFE: Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics

From $50/hr, depending on level

Reviews/comments from students/parents:

“Dr John Lim is amazing! He is the nicest, most understanding tutor you will ever meet and he knows exactly what to teach you and what your weaknesses are! He is really patient and funny and you will feel at ease the moment you start your tutoring with him. He's never condescending, although, he is very intelligent and will be able to solve most of your problems without a doubt! I would highly recommend Dr. Lim to anyone and everyone who is interested at improving their maths or wanting to achieve a result!” Faith

"Dr John Lim is a fantastic tutor due to his extensive knowledge in Mathematics and his efficient methods of teaching. He is extremely friendly and understanding which makes it easier to communicate with him. Other than his teaching, his best quality would be personally getting to know you, which then strengthens the teacher-student relationship, which is very important. There is no maths problem Dr Lim can't solve!!" Raj Reddy

"Dr Lim is an amazing maths tutor and has really helped me in my math studies. He deeply cares about his students and makes the difficult maths seem very easy and fun. He shows you lots of tips and tricks and helps to prepare you for all your tests. My marks in math have improved a lot with his help and I would highly recommend him as a tutor." Kelly W.

"Excellent tutor. Took time to teach me concepts and adapted to my pace of learning very well. Definitely well versed in all concepts and able to convey this to students in a easy to understand method. The online material consolidates ideas and concepts learned and are very helpful." Patrick

"I would highly recommend John Lim as a Maths Tutor. He is very knowledgeable and at the same time caring and very interested in his students. My son has been seeing John Lim for about 2 months and his marks have gone from a D to a B in Maths Methods. He has managed to restore my son's confidence and interest in maths. John knows maths inside out and knows that most problems have more than one method for reaching an answer. He is able to explain a concept in various ways until it is understood. He makes sense and makes the lessons fun. I have nothing but high praise for him and would not hesitate to recommend him as a tutor." VermontSth

"Dr Lim has made a huge increase to my mathematical knowledge. He has been showing me different ways of completing questions that have increased my grades tremendously. He knows all of his students well and is a very friendly and approachable person. The amount of skills and knowledge that i have gained from his tutoring sessions is amazing. I would highly recommend him as a tutor." Jack O.

“Dr Lim was very helpful and his explanations were very clear which gave a much better understanding of my uni maths subject. I appreciate his vast knowledge and ability to explain in a simple manner very complicated mathematical problems. I initially was struggling with my maths subject but with his help I ended up with a distinction. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.” Iresha K.

“Dear John, I am so grateful for your continuous patience and skills in motivating my daughter in pursuing her Maths. Since starting her Maths tuition with you for just over 2 months, I can see that my daughter has gained so much confidence, ease and motivation in doing Maths and now her school teacher has recommended that she should aim for higher Maths in Year 12. All credit and efforts goes to Dr John Lim. Many thanks.” smhb

"Dr Lim has excellent tutoring methods that have increased my son's overall understanding and aptitude of Maths Methods. His end of year results were extremely pleasing and a testimony to his ability and desire to get the best result for every student. I would highly recommended him as a tutor." Tania T.

"Dr Lim is an awesome tutor, teaching the basic and building up in order to truly understand the concepts learned, in combination with some handy tips and tricks to help decrease the time it takes to answer questions. I wish I had started earlier with him, even within the short 7 months working towards VCE he has taught me so much more than I could have imagined. Dr Lim has his students best interests at heart and wants each and everyone to succeed, I would highly recommend him as tutor." Renata R.

"Dr Lim is a very knowledgeable and experienced tutor. Both my sons enjoy attending his sessions. They have both improved in their Maths after attending his sessions. I will highly recommend Dr Lim for those who are serious about Maths, want to improve further in their Maths and at the same time, enjoy small class based tuition environment. Thank you Dr Lim." Jocelyn L.

"Dr Lim is a great tutor who really knows what he's doing. Very organised and makes maths a tonne of fun by simplifying difficult concepts so that they are easier to comprehend. He also takes time outside of class to explain and give you a hand with anything you're stuck on. Definitely recommend." vwang15

"Thanks, Dr. Lim for helping two of my sons in Mathematics. They both have great success in their mathematics. My first son has finished VCE and is now studying Physiotherapy. My second son is going to do VCE Methods next year. Dr. Lim teaches him tricks in doing Methods which are very helpful in solving difficult problems. Moreover, Dr. Lim teaches Maths in a very systematic approach. My son's Maths test results always come in first or second in class. He loves Maths a lot after the tutoring. Thanks, Dr. Lim!" Man C.

"Dr Lim has been fantastic help for my son who is in Grade 6. My son loves going to his sessions and enjoys being with other kids in the class. Classes are kept to a small size. My son is currently learning Year 8 level topics. Dr Lim provides a motivating and encouraging environment and the kids enjoy his humour but also show respect for him. Since attending sessions with Dr Lim, my son has excelled in his work at school. I highly recommend Dr Lim, especially if your child enjoys small class-based lessons where they can interact with other kids." Yemen T.

"Thank you Dr Lim for tutoring my son Jack this year in Year 9 Maths. Jack looks forward to his tutoring sessions each week. He always comes out smiling & feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders each week as you give him such great support. Jack has gone from the bottom Focus group in Year 8 Maths last year to the Core/Enhancement Year 9 Group this year and is really progressing well with your help. Your tutoring sessions each week as well as email & Facebook support in between is invaluable now to Jack's learning & success. I am sure that he will continue with his tutoring all the way through to the end of Year 12!" Lucia O.

"Thank you Dr Lim for helping Chloe achieve her excellent score [Editor's note: ATAR 99.90 :)]. I would highly recommend Dr Lim to anyone needing assistance and aiming to attain a high score." Yeng L.

"I'd like to thank Dr Lim to help my daughter. Dr Lim always prepares his lessons well and is very organized for each lesson. Dr Lim's Maths lessons are interesting and logical, which allow my daughter understand Maths well. Having been taught by Dr Lim, my daughter's Maths has been progressing well. My daughter has successfully passed the entry examination for Mac.Robertson Girls' High School and has received an offer (first round offer). I definitely recommend Dr Lim if you would like your Maths to be improved or to be advanced." MJiang


Computational Maths/Engineering

Stanford University, USA

1991 - 1994

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 02917758-02, Expiry Date: 24/05/2021)


All levels, including VCE/IB, Entrance Exam/Scholarship Tests.
VCE/IB: Foundation Maths, General Maths, Math Methods (CAS), Further Maths, Specialist Maths, Maths SL, Maths HL.

Uni/TAFE: Mathematics, Calculus, Statistics

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