About Me

I am an experienced teacher of English at secondary level, specialising in Literature as well as Public Speaking, Drama and Legal Studies. I have a thorough, detailed working knowledge of the courses and texts; and offer a variety of strategies to enable your progress. Course guides, sample essays/training essays, practice exams and feedback are provided to help you achieve your best in Assessments and the Exam. I work with students of all capabilities and aspirations.

My passion is to help individuals uncover their creative potential in writing, public speaking, and musical and theatrical performance.

I am also a qualified and practicing lawyer.


Juris Doctor

RMIT University

2014 - 2017

Communication & Media Studies

Monash University

2009 - 2010

Bachelor of Arts/ Music

Monash University

2005 - 2009

Lesson Information

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  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
  • Lesson Language:
  • ESL
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