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  • Encouraging mentorship for everyone. GAMSAT - I have scored in the top 85% percentile for the science component of GAMSAT.

About Me

Science major, or high school student and can't understand the application of Maths in science, then I'm the tutor you want to see. My speciality is in the application of maths in the sciences.

If you just need more reasons to convince you read my following skills:

GAMSAT - I have scored in the top 85% percentile for the science component of GAMSAT.
Pharmacy - I have a degree in pharmacy and can clearly the concepts of PK/PD, dosage frequency, half life and so on.
Biology - I can show you how to calculate punnet squares and other probabilities faster.
Chemistry - I will help you stop struggling with concepts such as acid/bases, rates of reactions and stiochimoetry
Physics - I will simplify complex physics topics into easy digestible chunks

I have 10 years experience in tutoring
I have helped students pass GAMSAT science and significantly improve their marks.
I excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.

Rates are $50/hr face to face (Brisbane only) or $40 online
Hours are 8am to 9pm (Monday to Sunday)* subject to availability.

My skills are not limited to the sciences only.
Due to my experience skills across board, I can also help teenagers 13 years in developing basic maths skills (I do have a blue card), and accounting (I have practical business experience).

To know more, feel free to contact me, by getting a quote above.



University of Queensland

2011 - 2014




If you are sitting GAMSAT this coming March, enjoy 10% off the regular rates (both online and in person).

Promotion End On 24/03/2018

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