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  • 6 months of teaching experience, can work with adults and kids

About Me

Hi there. My name is Vi (spelled as V ). I’m native Vietnamese.
I have completed Diploma of Life Science at UTS:Insearch and got to be part of the peer helper program of UTS:Insearch which provides students an in-class peer, whose job is exactly the same as a tutor. I have been doing it for 6 months and quite loving the teaching experience it brought.
I’m a friendly and always want to lighten up the atmosphere around me with humour. Escpecially, I love my language and has a deep knowledge, wide-ranged vocabulary, and I hope to share this love to you when you have sucessfully mastered your Vietnamese with me. I’m easy, but really serious about the results of my students. I can work with both adults and kids.
We will have a great time with each other. See you later !


Environmental Biology


2018 - 2019

(In Progress)


Lesson Information

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  • One to One
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  • Vietnamese , ESL
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