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  • Qualified Tutor in Mathematics with unique tutoring methods. Unlimited access to pre-recorded video lessons throughout the school year.

About Me

One of my specialised home tutorial in MATHEMATICAL METHODS 1, 2, 3 & 4 and MATHEMATICS 9 and 10 separate me from other tutorial services as I provide a tutorial in those subjects with all tutorial advantages such as:

• Low tuition fee ($24/h)

• Time flexibility (you set your tutoring time)
• No extra fee for extra time for an explanation of concepts that you may forget
• You can choose your pace and learning style

• Developing independent study skills and by that to increase motivation and confidence as well to reduce exam stress level and consequently increase exam performance

For a Mathematic home tutorial, you will be provided with everything that you need including:
• Unlimited access to pre-recorded video lessons throughout the school year

• FREE first lesson

• FREE homework helps

• FREE one to one tutoring (up to 10 hours online)

• HUGE discount if you still require a tutor to come to your home

• FREE tutorial textbook, containing a concise explanation of theory and concepts and about 1000 purposely designed and fully worked out questions with a comprehensive worded explanation of each step. Many students use this book as the only bound reference on the exam


Send an enquiry requesting your FREE FIRST LESSON. Please, state the name of the chapter and part of the chapter for your lesson as well your grade. I will, then, provide you with your lesson and give you more detailed information about your tutoring.


Master in Finance

BPP Business School, United Kingdom

2011 - 2012

Business and Management

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

2007 - 2010


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