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  • Bachelor of philoshophy honours chemistry and pharmacology student with two years of experience teaching these courses

About Me

Hello students and parents,

I graduated from Shenton College in 2106 and have a fresh knowledge of the courses, which I would like to use to tutor other students so that they may succeed at school. Being in my second year of tutoring, I have had experience teaching these concepts and know both the structure examiners require in responses and the tricks they can throw at you. I am able to teach a summary of what is being taught at school, help my students with their assessments, and provide work for them to do.

I'm currently in the second year of my chemistry and pharmacology majors as a Bachelor of Philosophy Honours student, so teaching high school science units is an absolute pleasure for me.

I charge $35 per hour for one-on-one sessions. Alternatively, if you know some other friends who would like to be tutored with you in a small group we can negotiate a significant discount.


bachelor of pholisophy honours, major in chemistry

The university of Western Australia

2017 - 2018

(In Progress)


I tutor Human biology, not biology

My favourite subject and an absolute pleasure for me to tutor for any age

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