Marcos Croydon, VIC 3136

  • Tutor for Literature, Journalism, Creative Writing, VCE English

About Me

In Brief:

- Advanced English Skills & Vocational Experience
- Literature - Criticism, Critical Theory, and Practice
- News and Investigative Journalism Writing and Practice
- Creative Writing - Planning, World Building, Characters, Crafting, Editing, Finalising
- Creative and Editorial Practice - Turning your writing and editing passion into a vocation
- Secondary and Tertiary Students Welcome


With over a decade's worth of experience as a freelance and contracted writer and editor, and coupled with five years of tertiary teaching experience, I come with a broad understanding of the mechanisms behind the many styles of expression available to the English language.

While I am especially experienced in the service of book editing, editorial practice, and creative writing, I can also demonstrate to students how to apply their knowledge in practical ways that will help them achieve higher examination results, provide pathways to achieve an optimal outcome in their final assessments, and most importantly develop the confidence required to succeed.

My services are not limited to aiding senior high school students achieve the best outcomes in their English assessments. My experiences in journalism, creative practice, and editorial practice also lend very well to helping tertiary students achieve higher results and develop the confidence to become a better writer, journalist, editor, or whatever it is they wish to achieve as students of literature.

I teach from my office space every weekday afternoon, beginning at 1:30. I prefer to do one-hour slots, either in person or online. I am happy to take groups at a discounted rate per individual. I am happy to negotiate different times and lesson length according to your needs, but be advised I will charge a surcharge.

Finally, a note about my rates: I have a strong background in English literature, writing, journalism, and tertiary teaching, as I mentioned above. I am willing to work with even the hardest of students to turn their grades around and help build their confidence. Therefore, I charge my rates accordingly between $95 and $125 per hour. From the first lesson I immediately identify the issues holding back the student and formulate a plan to bring them up to speed, building their confidence and their "tool box". I am happy to boast a 100% success rate.

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing - 1st Class

Southern Cross University

2010 - 2010

Writing - Double Major

Southern Cross University

2007 - 2009

Background Check

  • Police Check (Reference No.: CR1146138, Expiry Date: 12/06/2023)


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I turn struggling students into confident achievers, and give advanced students a keener edge over their peers.

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Designed for Yr 11-12 students in HSC/VCE English (general and advanced, where applicable). The first lesson consists of investigating the student's capabilities and confidence, and from there a personally tailored program is formulated. For bright students looking to shine, I aid in building their confidence to reach further than their peers. For students who are falling behind, a pathway is formulated to help bring them up to speed and score higher results.

"Et tu, Bruté"?

Become acquainted with the classic canon of English Literature, and navigate the modern literary works often used in classrooms across Australia. Become familiar with forms of literary criticism, from the basic concepts introduced in Senior High School, through to more advanced concepts for students looking to further understand this field.

I concentrate on the "Creative Writing" aspect of the "Creative Arts" spectrum. My program is tailored to your needs. Having trouble understanding the theoretical aspects of creative writing? Or, are the practical applications - world building, dialogue, plot, etc - proving more difficult? Is creative writing as a whole a Sisyphean struggle? I will help craft your narratives and understand the theoretical aspects behind your work.

From the hard-and-fast print-and-run style of news journalism, to the indepth analysis and revelation of investigative journalism, I teach at a praxis of theory and experience. I will help you write hitting news pieces and aid in your craft of quality investigations.

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  • ESL
  • Croydon, VIC 3136