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[ FREE CONSULTATION ]: I've been teaching and tutoring for over 23 years. Every child is unique with their own strengths so every lesson I teach is prepared and tailor made to the individual student. I invite you to join me for a free 15 min chat to discuss your child's needs, to answer questions or concerns and to discuss how we can "superlearn" your child's maths.

Maths has a bad reputation and many kids are in fear! This breaks my heart.

I know how it feels: lots of memorising, pain, pressure, stress and embarrassment when they just don't get it.

There is a better way that's fun, stress free, highly motivating, engaging and best of all, your child will learn to 'think in maths'.

It's called 'superlearning'. It's the result of my 23 years experience helping students from years 1 to 12 to catch up, keep up and get ahead. (The term 'superlearning' didn't exist so I had to invent it!)

We will tackle maths from as many different angles as possible. Did you know the most important factor to your child's success at school is their mindset. Yep! At that is something that can be changed. I always promote a growth mindset and encourage and motivate my students to be the best they can and not compare themselves to others. Their mindset will improve and they will become happier and more confident. Over the past 23 years I've seen it hundreds and hundreds of times before. It's my promise to you that your child will soon start to enjoy maths, complete their homework without threats or bribes and look forward to their lessons.

During our sessions your child will learn maths through hands-on activities, real life application and problem solving. They won't be sitting for an hour completing worksheets. We'll make sure they're on top of their schoolwork and well prepared for each upcoming test.

Here are just a few examples of my students who superlearned and supercharged their maths:

Leon made phenomenal progress in just 6 weeks. Here's what he said:

"Six weeks from the 2018 HSC, I was not very confident at achieving a good result in the exam. However, at extremely short notice, Mr Trumble was extremely accommodating in helping to teach me as much content to give me a good base for the examination. I went from a mid- 40 in my trial to a 70 in the hsc all thanks to the quality tuition provided by Mr Trumble. A huge thank you to Mr Trumble as well, because most of the skills he taught me for maths revision are helping me to achieve high results in my other subjects. I would highly recommend Mr Trumble to anybody."

Kalotina moved from potentially failing her Year 10 exams to passing and gaining entrance to Year 11 Advanced maths in 4 weeks. Here's what her mum, a science teacher, said:

"Steve is a unique teacher who goes beyond the call of duty to help my daughter not only to engage with the subject but to get her to the point where she is confident and getting the results she is capable of. He has a good sense of humour and uses different tools to enhance learning. Overall, a wonderful person who is caring, resourceful, passionate, and motivated to do his best."

Patrick moved up to extended maths within a month. Here's how he felt:

"Mr Steve has made Learning Math feel more fun and relaxing, instead of feeling anxious when preparing for exams. My grades were just above average before I met Mr Steve, but now I am well above average. My main weakness before Mr Steve was rushing through questions and not slowing down to think. Now, Mr Steve has introduced me to unique and effective ways to solve questions and set out working out. I would 100% recommend Mr Steve for other students."

I would love for your child to share similar positive thoughts about their maths learning in the near future!

To your child's success,



Bachelor of Education (Honours)

Saint Petersburg State University

2000 - 2005

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  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 1722413E, Expiry Date: 24/07/2023)




Most struggling students who come to me in Year 12 have had problems with their maths for years. As each year passes, the confusion deepens, their confidence drains and they believe the lie that maths success is only for geniuses. They just don't have what it takes.

This comprehensive assessment will find the holes in your childs learning and includes a comprehensive review of past school exams, school reports, discussion and assessment.

I guarantee that I will help your child discover their inner SUPERHERO!

Rgs, Steve

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The lessons are ONLINE, highly engaging and in the convenience of your home (see below why ONLINE tutoring can be more effective than face to face).

We'll have a live video / audio chat and use an interactive whiteboard where we can both write simultaneously. All lesson notes are sent to you in .pdf format for later revision.

I put together personalised maths training programs for each individual student that is specific to their ability and class level.

Every student is different so whether the initial plan is to catch up or get ahead, we'll sit down and work out a strategy.

We'll start off with an assessment to find your child's strengths and weaknesses. I'll review their past school reports and exams and help identify areas to work on.

Each lesson is prepared in advance and I'll also help them with school homework problems and exam preparation. If you're keen and have home support I'll also prepare extra practice activities to complete during the week.

1-1 Tutoring fees for live, interactive online lessons (including gst)*:
Years 1 - 10 : $88 (inc. gst)
Year 11 : $99 (inc.gst)
Year 12 : $110 (inc. gst)

~ lesson fees include individualised lesson preparation, monitoring of school progress, exam preparation, monitoring of progress and strengths and weaknesses, homework preparation and more...

*You will be provided with a tax invoice for all lessons and include GST.

I believe that online tuition is faster, easier, and more beneficial than traditional face to face tutoring.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. 23 years of resources at my fingertips
I’ve accumulated lots of resources over the past 23 years. It would be impossible to bring them all to my student’s home but I do have them at my fingertips when teaching online. No more lost time searching through paperwork. It’s all digital and ready to access to help consolidate understanding just at the right time.

2. The BEST TUTORS at your door
It doesn’t matter where you live, you can now access the best tutors. You can also schedule lessons at times that suit YOU because there are no traffic jams to consider and your tutor doesn’t need to teach multiple students in the same area to make it worth his while.

3. FUN and Engaging
The interactive, online whiteboard is FUN and incredibly ENGAGING
It’s an infinite whiteboard space. No need to erase, just start a new page and continue. We can copy and paste images, pdf’s, markup exam papers, difficult questions, draw diagrams, insert links and much more. AND we can export to .pdf after the lesson for a permanent record that can be reviewed for consolidation.

4. LIVE video / audio chat
The video chat is live and simultaneous. It’s just like me being in the same room. The video overlays the whiteboard so we can see each other as we write. For those who aren’t comfortable with video chat, audio only can be selected when booking the lesson.

5. More teaching in less time
A lot of time gets lost with face to face tutoring. Passing books back and forth and waiting for a student to finish before work can be marked is a thing of the past with online learning. No more leaning over their shoulder or awkwardy trying to read upside down! The interactive whiteboard has true two way functionality so that we can both write on the board simultaneously in real time. My student can be answering a question whilst I am commenting on their work at the same time.

I will save you money by helping your child reach their destination faster!

Book a free 15 minute consultation and I'll show how my lessons work:

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