Siyu Wilson, WA 6107

  • Able to teach Math (to primary, middle school and high school students), Mandarin (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), and probably English.

About Me

-I was born near Beijing which means that I can speak very standard Mandarin.
-I have a deep understanding about the Chinese language, culture and history which helps me teaching.
-I'm very good at math and other related disciplines and often scored more than 90 out of 100 in the math exams during my first year of university.
-I have relevant teaching experiences and have taught more than A HUNDRED primary, middle school and high school students math and English during the past few years and they all seemed to me satisfied with my abilities and performance.
-I have enthusiasm, patience, confidence and a warm heart in teaching and believe that all students can be well taught regardless of their intelligence and knowledge level.
-I took part in the mathematical modelling training courses for multiple times and is very good at using mathematical modelling methods and theories.
-My dad is a FULL professor of math which genetically ensures that I have an innate mathematical talent.


Industrial Optimisation (cooperative programme)

Curtin University

2018 - 2019

(In Progress)

Industrial Engineering (cooperative programme)

Yanshan University

2015 - 2018


I can teach anything related to math since I have adequate knowledge and a talent in math.

I can teach anything related to math since I have adequate knowledge and a talent in math.

I can speak VERY STANDARD Mandarin since I was born near Beijing, the capital of China, and also I have a deep understanding of the Chinese language (including its multiple accents and the ancient language), the Chinese history and culture, also I can combine the three things mentioned above so as to help the students learn the language better and faster and also have a clear view of everything related to China.

Lesson Information

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  • ESL
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