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  • You are most likely to succeed when you are interested in what you’re studying. I can help you not only learn the content, but also to develop a serious interest in maths and science.

About Me

I’m a recent school leaver and achieved a 97.35 ATAR in 2019. Being the guinea pigs for the new syllabus, I have the fresh, recent experience of learning the content to give me a greater ability to explain difficult and key concepts to students along with exploring the crucial techniques I use to achieve highly in exams and assessments.

In 2020 I am undergoing an undergraduate pre-medicine degree and will afterward move onto a postgraduate doctor of medicine degree.

I have had over a year of experience tutoring a range of students from different ages and different academic abilities. Over the years I have also been tutored and that has allowed me to fully understand the crucial fundamentals of explaining conceptually-challenging ideas at an easy to understand level.

Through tailoring lessons to individual students and their specific needs, sessions with the student are very productive. I also ensure that I am readily contactable to address any last-minute questions or problems students have before an exam.

I have a driver's license and a car, and my hours of availability are flexible and broad.



St Lukes Grammar School

2006 - 2019

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC2000023E, Expiry Date: 09/09/2024)


Free complete digital flashcards for HSC chemistry and HSC physics (2019 new syllabus)

During year 12, I made digital flashcards to memorise important information. Physics and chemistry, being two of the most difficult subjects, require large amounts of memorisation and I found the use of digital flashcards as integral to my success.
For my students studying physics and chemistry, I offer a free download of the digital flashcard decks I made in year 12 for both subjects. This provides complete and thorough coverage of all areas of the new syllabus and implements numerous study techniques through over 100 cards in each deck.

Promotion End On 31/12/2020


Comes with a complete set of digital HSC Chemistry flashcards that I made to succeed in year 12.

Including mathematics extension 1.

Comes with a complete set of digital HSC Physics flashcards that I made to succeed in year 12.

All primary and secondary science.

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