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  • Korean Tutor in Sydney. Will help you make Korean your favourite language :)

About Me

Hello there! I'm Sohyun and I'm currently in my second year at UNSW, studying Bachelor of Commerce / Arts.

Korean is my first language, so I can read, write and speak the language without any problem. Students who have learnt Korean from me enjoyed learning the language, to the extent where Korean would naturally slip out without even noticing! Hence, I can proudly say that I know how to help others really like and learn Korean - hopefully you as well :)

Don't worry! All tutoring sessions will be under a friendly environment, as I think having fun while learning the language will help you remember it better. The sessions will surely still be valuable and effective!

Feel free to contact me if you have any further enquiries. Hope to see you soon :)


Commerce / Arts


2018 - 2021

(In Progress)


Minimum 1 hour online ($30 per hour)
Minimum 1.5 hour (one to one)
1.5hr = $60
2hr = $70
Minimum 1 hour if in a group of 2 ($35pp)

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Sho Ishida (18 Feb 2019)
Very friendly, made me smile every lesson. I became to slip a couple Korean words in daily conversations and it delights my Korean grandma when we talk since she can't speak English. Overall, I loved studying Korean with her.