About Me

Hi! My name is Ayesha and I achieved an ATAR of 97.5. I want to help you achieve the results you want. As a recent graduate, I can assist you with understanding your content and provide you with tips to succeed in your subjects.

I achieved a B6/E4 in English Advanced, Math Advanced, Math Extension 1, Biology and PDHPE and an E3 in English Extension 1 and English Extension 2.


Bachelor of Science / Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Sydney

2021 - 2024

(In Progress)

Secondary education

Amity College

2015 - 2020


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For best results in the HSC, consistency is crucial. With this program, I offer 1.5 hour sessions which include lessons and a 30 minute HSC style quiz which will be marked and feedback will be given. Practice exams will also be given to complete on additional days to help you improve. Inquire now to save 20% and get guaranteed results.

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Tutoring for Preliminary and HSC Biology. I can also mark any past questions at no extra cost.

Tutoring for Years 7-10 English and Preliminary & HSC Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2 English. I can also mark assignment drafts and practice essays at no extra cost.

Tutoring for Preliminary and HSC PDHPE. I can also mark any past questions at no extra cost.

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