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  • Highly skilled psychology & statistics tutor

About Me

- UAI (old ATAR) 99.75
- BSc (Psychology), MSc (Org Psych)
- HD average
- 10 years tutoring experience
- Multiple award winner
- Recipient of prestigious academic scholarship

Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm a highly experienced online psychology and statistics tutor. I have a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the Australian National University (2012) and a Master of Science (Organisational Psychology) with Distinction from the University of Leicester, UK (2015). In the HSC, I got a UAI (old ATAR) of 99.75. During my time at the ANU, I held an ANU National Merit Scholarship (academic scholarship) and received the Judith A. Slee Prize for Scientific Writing in Psychology. I've been tutoring students in psychology and statistics for almost 10 years now. Since studying, I have been working as an academic and also spent a year working as a senior management consultant. I'm happy to tutor via any mode that suits you (e.g., ema*l, Sky*e, Zo*m). Half hour appointments are available for $37.95. Appointments can be all in one go or spread across the week (e.g., taken as the time it takes me to respond to ema**s). I'm available most mornings and evenings during the week and on some weekends. Contact me to book an appointment or for more details :)

Tutoring approach:

For statistics

I break down complex formulas and organise them into discrete and simple steps. I use a lot of applied examples and organise a lot of practice questions for my students. I try to teach them that there’s no shame in not knowing or understanding a concept - often it’s just due to a lack of exposure or having been taught the wrong way (many professors & teachers overcomplicate things). My aim is to instil a love of stats in people and show them that it’s not difficult once you break it down. Anyone is capable of understanding it. I also don’t oversimplify - there’s absolutely no need & can complicate things in the future. I just show it how it is.

To ensure no time is wasted in our lessons, I get students to send me what they want to go over a few days beforehand. I then, as mentioned above, create a lot of practice questions, write out step-by-step instructions for any formulas, & apply said instructions to a practical example. I do this for ‘by hand’ lessons and SPSS focused lessons.

I also include theoretical knowledge where relevant & try to help students understand the ‘why’ behind concepts. Lessons are typically laid back and enjoyable - my aim is for students to learn while having a good and relaxed time. I pride myself on my patience, friendliness and ability to simplify material without being condescending. I also adapt lessons to the needs of the student - some students prefer doing the practice questions in their own time, but some like it during the lesson, others prefer the steps to be presented without an applied example attached, & some prefer skipping the theoretical (where unessential) - whatever works for you.

For other psychology subjects

My approach differs depending on the task at hand i.e., what the student needs help with, but has a lot of similarities with the above.

I can help with anything from exam prep to lab report or essay writing or even just with understanding course concepts. I'm also able to help with honours, masters, and PhD level thesis/dissertation writing, all of which I have extensive experience with.


Master of Science (Organisational Psychology)

University of Leicester

2013 - 2015

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

The Australian National University

2009 - 2012

Background Check

  • Police Check (Reference No.: 4431107PC, Expiry Date: 18/05/2019)


All courses: Introductory, Developmental, Social, Cognitive, Industrial/Organisational, Occupational Health, Health, Clinical, Educational, Design, Forensic, Statistics-focused, Research-focused, etc., etc.

SPSS and by hand. Can also help with Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, & NVivo.

Including teaching study skills

Lesson Information

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Christine Thompson (27 Feb 2019)
Rachel is an excellent tutor! She is great at explaining new concepts, and her approach to tutoring is the best I've ever experienced. With her help I managed to get my first ever HD, which I never thought I'd be capable of achieving!