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I am currently tutoring seven students ranging from Year 7 to University and have been tutoring students for the past two years. I am a current High Distinction level University student studying at the University of Sydney and offer services in Standard English, Advanced English, Modern History, Ancient History and Extension History. During my HSC year I received a certificate of excellence for my Extension History major work from the History Teacher's Association. My lessons are dynamic and flexible and I am able to cater to what ever texts you are studying at school.

My English tutorials are generally structured around first assessing my student's ability to both dissect abstract ideas embedded within texts and their ability to transfer that into an overarching argument on paper. This involves short response based questions to a variety of literary extracts to which I supply. After getting a grasp on writing style and various strengths and weaknesses in analysing texts, the foundation will be set to then progress further into deconstructing the texts assigned at school, whilst also allowing me to be equipped with enough knowledge to offer advice on how to improve essay writing, how to handle the pressures of time constraints in exams and how to utilise quotations and the characters in texts and apply them to more abstract concepts. Throughout my lessons, my students interact with various Plays, Poem's, Films and Novels to ensure a wide breadth of skills are tested and enhanced.

My History tutorials are initially structured around analysing Primary and Secondary sources and how they can be used to reinforce an argument around any historical period or figure. Enhancing these skills will guarantee that under any essay or exam my students come across they will be sufficiently equipped to address any question asked. For Extension History students, a majority of emphasis will be placed on deconstructing the differences between the different historiographical schools of thought with a main emphasis being placed on comparing and contrasting the differences between Empiricism and Relativism.

I travel to my students house so they can enjoy the lesson in the comfort of their own home, with the lessons going for 1 hour for $50. This price is inclusive of as many drafts my students wish to submit during the week and I am also able to supply homework if desired.


Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations)

The University of Sydney

2016 - 2021

(In Progress)

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  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0767759E, Expiry Date: 28/02/2024)


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