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About Me

Salut! I'm a first year Bachelor of Philosophy student majoring in Medical Sciences and French Studies at UWA. I'm running 1 on 1, personalised tutoring sessions for absolute beginner to intermediate French students (Year 7- Year 12).

Sessions will be held at the City of Perth Library for just $20/hour as I am myself new to tutoring. I have spent time staying with families in Brittany and Réunion Island and I know the ATAR French Course well (topping it in 2018), so we can focus on your weak areas, upcoming assessments or any course work coming down the pipeline.

Please contact me if you are interested so we can determine what you need help with and what times suit you. Let's boost your French mark together. À bientôt!


Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The University of Western Australia

2019 - 2022

(In Progress)


1 Month Package

Purchase 4 sessions for an upfront fee of $70

Promotion End On 31/03/2019


Beginner to Intermediate students are welcome. I have a strong knowledge of the ATAR French course, which I received the top WACE Examination score for in 2018 (with a scaled score of 100%). The 10% LOTE bonus to your ATAR means that the effort you put into ATAR French is well and truly worth it, even if it doesn't end up being in your top 4 subjects.

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