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  • ATAR 94.70/Mathematics Tutor (Yr 2- 10) Greenacre Sydney

About Me

Greetings and salutations!
My name is Iman, a recent 2018 graduate from Al Noori Muslim School, with an ATAR of 94.70 and a current university student enrolled in the University of Sydney. I completed the HSC Advanced Mathematics in a compression course which I achieved a Band 6 with a score of 92. Furthermore, within my final year of HSC, I achieved a Band E3 for Extension 1 HSC Mathematics as well as Extension 2 HSC Mathematics.

I am offering to be an experienced private Mathematics tutor one-on-one or towards a group of female students from yr 2-10 and males of yr 2-6.

The sessions will be held within my house situated in Greenacre 2190 NSW or in Bankstown Library NSW.

RATES Yr 2 - 6 : $25 per hour Yr 7 - 10 $30 per hour

My services involve assistance with topics within the associated mathematics course to stimulate improvement, for solidification or to learn new areas of mathematics (i.e. advanced than their year) depending on the individual's capability or preference.

These services can include:
-An assessment of the student's ability to tailor the lesson to their specific and eventual improvement -Homework for practice
Though if there is any services that are preferred, negotiations are encouraged.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography)

University of Sydney

2019 - 2023

(In Progress)


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