About Me

I come from China and I graduate from Soochow University, Taiwan and I have vice major in Chinese Literature. Not only I am good at morden Mandarin, but also, I am familiar with traditional Chinese and its culture. I can teach you the simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese as you like(Singapore/Malaysia/Mainland China-Simplified, Taiwan/HongKong/Macau/Christmas Island-Traditional). I have more than 2 years teaching experience in language and I am sure you will acquire not only Chinese! I am sure I would stimulate your desire in diverse Chinese Culture.


Business Information Systems

Australian National University

2018 - 2020

(In Progress)


Design the syllabus by what you need from basic level to advanced literature.

Design the syllabus by what you need. Course can be taught by Manadarin or English.

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  • Mandarin
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