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About Me

I am currently a second year student at the University of Sydney studying Psychology. I completed Year 12 in 2017 with an ATAR of 95.1. My HSC subjects included, Advanced English (ranked first in year), Ancient History (ranked first in year), Visual Arts (ranked first in the year), Biology (ranked third) and General Maths (ranked tenth).
Primary English: $25/hour
Year 7-10 English: $30/hour
Year 11-12 English: $50/hour
Year 7-12 History: $30/hour
Year 11-12 History: $45/hour
Visual Arts: $30/hour


Bachelor of Psychology

The University of Sydney

2018 - 2023

(In Progress)


I am able to teach students skills that will assist them with their studies in English. For primary I will charge $25/hour and for secondary $30/hour up to year 10, for year 11 and 12 students $50/hour.
Students will be taught about essay preparation, structure and proof reading. I am able to teach students how they should approach English exams with test techniques and preparation. I will help the student understand their prescribed text and what is expected of them in their assessments.
For primary students I will assist them with their homework and help them develop the necessary skills that will be used throughout their schooling education.

I am able to assist students in their understanding of history. I can teach both modern and ancient history for year 11 and 12 with a fee of $45/hour. For secondary students year 10 and below i will charge $30.
Students will be taught how to incorporate primary and secondary evidence into their essays. I am able to assist students with their homework and assignments. Furthermore, I will help students with their preparation for exams.

I am able to assist students with the development of their essay writing in Visual arts.

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