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  • 3rd Year Business-Arts student offering tutoring services for Maths, English, and Business.

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My name is Jasleen and I am a third-year business-arts student, majoring in marketing and creative writing, and am offering tutoring services for English (till year 11), Maths (till Year 10; 11 if general maths), and Business (till Year 12).

I studied English Literature/Literary Studies and Business & Enterprise throughout high school, and Maths until Year 11.

I have also studied English Literature and Creative Writing for one trimester each under my arts degree and marketing, human resources, and management for one trimester each under my business degree - all in the first year of university.

I have been a consistent A grade student for all three subjects (throughout high school for English, Year 12 Business, and until the end of year 10 for maths. In year 11, I had a combination of As and Bs.)
During Year 11 and 12, I mainly covered topics of Event Management, Marketing (Situation Analysis, Marketing Mix, etc.), Ethics, and Sales within Business & Enterprise.

I have a keen eye for detail and can also help with just editing essays, narratives, and reports, helping with structure and providing tips to improve the overall flow and conciseness of the written piece.

Ps. I completed high school in South Australia and studied General Maths (which is the second highest/ medium level of the numeracy subject. It typically deals with topics related to finance, some trigonometry and geometry). English Literature is considered the highest level of literacy.

The sessions will be held at Garden City Library, or at my place. Timings can be discussed for the convenience of both the student and the parents.

Happy to provide proof of grades and references.


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business

Griffith University

2018 - 2021

(In Progress)


Lower hourly rate for more hours per week

Term-long payment plan*:
To cover the entirety of a school term.

1-hour sessions x 10 weeks (10 hours): $30/hour x 10 = $300.00
1.5-hours sessions x 10 weeks (15 hours): $27.5/hour x 15 = $412.50
2-hours sessions x 10 weeks (20 hours): $25.00 x 10 = $500.00
2.5-hours sessions x 10 weeks (25 hours): $22.5/hour x 10 = $562.50
3-hours sessions x 10 weeks (30 hours): $20.00 x 10 = $600.00

*To be paid at the beginning of the term.

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Available for students up to Year 12

Available for students up to Year 11.

Available for students up to Year 10. Year 11 for basic maths.

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