About Me


I am a native of France.
I am a dedicated French tutor with four years experience in assisting students to learn the French language, and English language for French speakers. I am proficient at both individual, as well as group tutoring, with considerable experience in assessment for knowledge and retention.

I also provide translation, essay marking and interpreting services.


Since 2015, I worked with students from 5 to 50 years old and over.
I taught one-to-one and groups of three (max) at a time.
I provided feedback to students after assessing their work for progress and retained knowledge.
I taught the most important aspects of French language such as pronunciation, sentence structure, grammar, listening comprehension, reading, writing and culture.


$40 per hour:
- Teach via Skype (or alternative video chat platform)
- Payment via Paypal


Bachelor of Foreign Language, Speciality English

La Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3

2014 - 2017


Lesson Information

  • Lesson Type:
  • One to One
  • In Group
  • Online
  • Lesson Language:
  • French
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