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  • Sydney Tutor in Maths and Science [sp. Chemistry and Physics]

About Me

Hey fellow student! I am studying Bachelor of Biomedical Physics, with 9 HDs and 1 D so far, while also graduating with an ATAR of 98.8. Pretty cool, right! And I believe you can achieve success too, with dedication, effort, and support from a tutor like me!

As a tutor, I believe in allowing my students to discover the answer themselves whilst I facilitate the learning process. As such, I break down questions, ask supporting questions teach different techniques and strategies, and so on. I give the final answer in the end, showing the steps as to how I got to the solution.


Biomedical Physics

University of Technology Sydney

2018 - 2020

(In Progress)


Specialize in Chemistry and Physics [yr 11+ yr 12], can tutor all ages

Native language speaker, born in the Philippines

Lesson Information

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  • Filipino
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