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  • I am a statistics and research nerd.

About Me

Hi, my name is Katrina. I tutor undergraduate psychology subjects as well as undergraduate and graduate research methods and statistics. These include psychology domains such as Personality, Social, Abnormal, Developmental, Perception or Cognitive Psychology; or other areas including Professional Ethics, Research Methods, Testing and Assessment, and Statistics.​

Know what is Expected
I have been Tutoring Psychology students since 2017, which means I have seen a lot of assessments, and their resultant marks. This means that I know what markers are looking for, and I can help you understand what your markers expect from you so you can achieve the best marks you possibly can. Not only have I been tutoring these subjects for some time, I personally received a HD (80%+) average across all my Psychology and Statistics units.​ ​

Understand Literature & Research
​I can help you build the skills you need to understand Lab/Research report structure and critical essay writing, so that it feels natural for you. I have written journal ready research papers, and for my MBA Research thesis, I received the highest mark (99.6%) for my research proposal, project execution, analysis and publication ready paper. I have been involved in multiple research projects in areas such as Social and Organisational psychology, Neuroscience and Replication/Research Methods.

Be Supported
The psychology journey can sometimes make us feel a little disheartened. However, with just a little support and direction our spark can be reignited. I have seen many students over the years go through the journey from undergraduate to 4th year to postgraduate studies so I know how tough it can be. Having someone who has been through it, and can empathise with the pressures the psychology pathway can put us under, is usually all that we need to dislodge the unhelpful thoughts keeping us running in loops.


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

Monash University

2018 - 2018

Master of Business Administration

Curtin University

2014 - 2018

Graduate Diploma in Psychology

Monash University

2016 - 2017

Bachelor of Computer Technology (Computer Science)

Edith Cowan University

2006 - 2012


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