Krish Edgecliff, NSW 2027

  • Patient and Supportive Years 4 through to HSC Math Tutor

About Me

Hi! I’m Krish and I’m one of the Maths tutors at Sandbox Learning Australia.

I graduated in 2017 from Manly Selective achieving a 90+ ATAR receiving Band 6 marks in both Advanced 2 Unit Maths and 3 Unit Extension 1.

I started at the University of Sydney in 2018, studying a Bachelor of Economics, but transferred at the beginning of 2019 into a Bachelor of Commerce where my majors now are finance and banking. My current career goal is investment banking at a big firm like Macquarie Bank. Sport has and is a very big part of my life. Right now, I play AFL for the University of Sydney and I also represent St Andrew’s College (a residential college at the University of Sydney) in athletics in the intercollege cup. I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and I am an avid reader. I’m a really outgoing person who’s always happy to have a chat and a laugh and I’m very approachable and easy-going.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people in acquiring new skills. I’ve been an athletics coach since 2016 and always felt really proud when one of my athletes did well at a competition. Maths always came very easily to me at school, but a few of my friends had trouble grasping certain concepts. When I saw their faces dawn in understanding after I helped them out, I felt like I had a knack for helping people learn, which is the main reason why I became a tutor. Also, I love the way that tutoring can expose you to new and different ways to attack a problem, and often lead you to a new method that’s a lot faster than the one you already knew. I guess the thing I love most about Maths is how it fits into everyone’s life, no matter what they do. Studying finance, I know first hand that numbers keep the world spinning so the whole practical component of Maths really appeals to me.

I have helped my students really grasp the fundamental concepts of Mathematics and have seen them become more confident in their ability as a result. One of my students was just not understanding long division, and now, they can do every question I throw at them! Another student who was struggling with percentages now smiles when they see questions with percentages after I showed them a neat little trick to make it easier.

I can help you in:
- Years 4 to 11 Mathematics
- HSC 2 Unit Advanced Mathematics
- HSC Extension 1 Mathematics
- HSC Business Studies


Bachelor of Commerce - BCom, Finance and Banking

University of Sydney

2019 - 2023

(In Progress)

Higher School Certicate

Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus

2012 - 2017

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC1775420E, Expiry Date: 13/10/2023)
  • Police Check (Reference No.: Upon Request)


I can tutor you in HSC level Business Studies

I can help you in Mathematics Years 4-10 as well as HSC level Maths both 2 Unit Advanced and Extension 1 Mathematics.

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  • One to One
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