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  • I believe treating every student independently is the best way to learn

About Me

WHY CHOOSE ME?: My services are tailored individually to your skill set and requirements, and go into fine details of every topic. As a current student, I know what works and does not, and what interests and motivates individuals into learning. I believe that anyone can understand any topic about any field, as long as it is described in a format they understand. I also believe it is more important to understand the content than to receive full marks for it, because what use is ROTE learning information that will quickly be forgotten? I create worksheets based on the topics we will study together to fine-tune your ability in each area of study. See below for information on the detailed notes I provide.

LESSON STRUCTURE: The first lesson will a skill assessment and introduction at 1/2 price to see what work needs to be done. Every other lesson will focus on current and past struggles of the subject/s and materials for future topics that you will be assessed on. I won't stop until you understand the topic to its necessity. Notes covering the entire subject for the year will be made available if you request them, free of charge as they are included in the tutoring fee. I create detailed guides of each subject to the extent (and more) of what each year level needs to get those high marks and understanding of the topic. Worksheets will be created to your individual need with varying levels of difficulty to be completed in and out of tutoring sessions. I give no homework but to review everything we cover in the lessons, however optional extended study can easily be arranged (e.g. write an English essay, create a poster, set up improved study techniques etc.).

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I pride myself on being a high-achiever, averaging an A-A+ in every subject and completing two VCE 3/4 subjects in Year 11. I was Monash Scholar (2016-2018), completed Year 12 in 2018, and completed part of a first-year University Law course through Deakin whilst still in Year 12.
Currently completing a Bachelor of Science (Double Major Mathematics/Genomics) with Deakin University.


Bachelor of Science

Deakin University

2019 - 2021

(In Progress)

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: 1465639A-01, Expiry Date: 17/09/2023)


Semester 1 discounts

1/2 price for the first lesson

Book 2 hours and only pay 75% (e.g. pay $60 for 2 hours one-on-one, or $40 for 1 hour one-on-one)

Promotion End On 26/06/2020


Includes up to University Year 2 Biology

Expertise in Genetics and Inheritance, Replication and cellular processes, Biogenesis, Biotechnology

All forms of English known (VCE and HSC curriculums)
Includes ESL, English Language, English (Standard), English (Advanced), English Literature

Includes up to University Year 1 Law

Expertise in Constitutional Law, Business/Administrative Law, Victorian/NSW Common and Legislative Law, Contract Law

All forms of Mathematics, Victorian and NSW curriculums known
Includes K-10, Standard, Enrichment, General/Further (VCE), Mathematics Advanced (HSC), Mathematics Methods (VCE), Specialist Mathematics (VCE), Mathematics Extension (HSC), All IB Mathematics

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