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  • I attended Padua College and recently graduated last year with an OP 1 and ATAR of 99.5 equivalent.

About Me

Looking for a tutor to help achieve your academic goals in Semester 2? Look no further…Hey! My name is Luka.

I attended Padua College and recently graduated last year with an OP 1 and ATAR of 99.5 equivalent. Currently, I am attending the University of Queensland studying a Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours).

At school, I consistently achieved As and academic awards with 3 Dux awards in my final year; graduating with VHAs all above 7 in all my subjects. As such, I am well placed to help tutor students so that they can attain not only better results but a greater understanding of the approach and subject matter they need.

I’m an passionate, supportive and experienced tutor, having done this for over 2 years - so I have directly seen the success that can be attained when students begin to comprehensively understand a new approach and are able to work independently with their new knowledge.

My lessons are directly tailored to working on personal student weaknesses, adjusting their approach in regards to criteria or sets of questions and ensuring they always are meeting deadlines/confident prior to all exams or assessment. Most students I work with respond to this change in learning style very successfully, often attaining full letter grade (such as consistent Bs to consistent As) improvements or higher within the first semester and helping them to set and achieve whatever academic goal they want to.

I have tutored and will be offering tutoring services for all subjects from grades 5-12 across all the listed subjects.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Achieved an OP 1 (ATAR 99.5)
Dux of Accounting (VHA 10)
Dux of Economics (VHA 10)
Dux of Study of Religion (VHA 10)
Academic Excellence Awards (Years 8-12)
VHA 8 in English
VHA 7 in Maths C
VHA 9 in Maths B
UQ Scholarship Recipient


Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)

The University of Queensland

2018 - 2022

(In Progress)

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