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About Me

Some kids find themselves falling behind their peers, despite a lot of effort, because they are frustrated by learning disorders. Some fall behind because they have a hard time focusing on learning, or making an organised effort to get homework done.

My key strengths are in showing school-aged children HOW to study so they spend time revising, note-taking and preparing for tests and exams effectively. Certain key practises will make life easier for everyone in the family when it comes to studying and organisation.

I have successfully helped teens prepare for tests, cover the right content for final exams, plan projects and assignments, reports and speeches. With the right tools and strategies, I've helped adolescents learn how to effectively plan their studies for a less stressful schooling life.

My techniques help your child organise their notes and studying material, making sure the most important content from the curriculum is covered, making better use of their time.
Additionally, I have helped set up systems to study and reorganise study areas to minimise distraction and achieve higher marks and grades.

English and Drama are the 2 subjects I can also offer tutoring in! Specifically, essay planning, note-taking and improving writing skills, in English. Drama, I am aware of the requirements for WAAPA entry and can assist with monologue writing and preparation, non-verbal and verbal drama skills, different genera of drama, critiquing performances and writing about performances.



Notre Dame University

2015 - 2018


Notre Dame University

2015 - 2018

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