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About Me

Hi, my name is Teodora, and I've been tutoring for over 5 years as a Private Tutor, yielding great progress and results with a band 6 average for the subjects I tutor. I have worked closely with over 60 students in this time, and weekly I assist between 20 and 30 students, both during and after class hours.

Previously, I've worked at a selective high school in the Sydney CBD as a tutor and so I have a Working With Children certification, and I have also contributed to an online HSC forum, ATARnotes, which included study note writing and answering students' questions.

I recently graduated from USYD in 2019 with a combined degree of Advanced Science and Economics. I graduated from SCEGGS Darlinghurst in 2014 with an ATAR of 97.2 and would love to tutor:
*English (Standard, Adv or Ext 1) - band 6 in Adv (94/100) and Ext 1 english (47/50)
*Biology - band 6 (I also tutor junior science)
*Maths (general or 2 unit) - band 6
*Economics - band 6

I have been teaching the new syllabus since it was introduced, and am very familiar with the requirements and expectations.


-->Any students years K-12!

***I offer both in person and online lessons***

During high school I learnt that you can never go over an idea too many times - hearing the concepts you learn at school in different ways is really helpful to make sure you fully understand all ideas and can apply these to any exam question. We focus on the requirements of the new syllabus to make sure everything is covered.

I work closely with my students, tracking their progress so I can tailor lessons accordingly. I am often in constant communication, happy to answer any questions outside of class hours. I also develop homework sheets for subjects such as maths and science to complement lessons and ensure content is fully understood. If additional help is required nearing exam blocks or assessment task due dates, my schedule is flexible enough to allow for extra or longer sessions, or even online classes.

Online lessons are conducted via audio call, onenote or google docs, and screenshare if necessary. This is offered for all subjects except maths. The lessons conducted here are the same as in person, and allows students who can't make it at a certain time or who live far away to still get the benefit of private teaching. They are great for time flexibility aswell, as I am willing to have online sessions as early or as late as required (so this is perfect around exam/assessment time as well as regular lessons). Anyone around NSW with a computer and wifi is able to sign up for these lessons.

Additional online help:
I offer my detailed Preliminary and HSC notes (i.e. years 11 and 12) to all of my regular students free of charge, however they are also available for purchase to anyone. Notes are for:
*English Advanced (my essays, creative writing etc).
*English Extension
For each subject: $10 per module, or $30 for the whole year.

Additionally, I offer one-off essay/creative/report editing:
--> $20 for a general overview
--> $90 (recommended) for extremely detailed feedback of what to remove and include, as well as example sentences that you can also use. Also includes a detailed breakdown of the exam question, structure suggestions, and a summary of the context and main themes of the text.

I hold my tutoring sessions at Castle Hill Library, and am available to tutor weekly, but I'm happy to add in sessions if needed. I also have no issue answering questions sent outside of class hours. For online lessons, all that's needed is laptop and wifi, so I can take on students from all around NSW.

For all subjects, especially English, many students send me essays, creative writing practice etc which I review at an additional cost depending on the length of the file and the amount of editing required, so feel free to message me to discuss pricing for this.

I am happy to do group sessions for a reduced cost per person, please enquire for more details.

I tutor not only during the school term, but during all school holidays for keen students, especially year 11 and 12 students who are studying all year round.

Please send me a message if interested to discuss availabilities :)


Majors in Physiology, Economics, and Agricultural Economics

The University of Sydney

2015 - 2019

ATAR 97.2

SCEGGS Darlinghurst

2007 - 2014

Background Check

  • Working with Children Check (Reference No.: WWC0601535E, Expiry Date: 11/02/2020)



Save $20 per 2h lesson, with pricing of $120 instead of $140.

Valid until the end of 2019.

Promotion End On 31/12/2019

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