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I’m Philip and I graduated Melbourne High School in 2018, achieving a study score of 49 in VCE English which was the highest in the MHS 2018 cohort. In 2018, I tutored two of my classmates in VCE English and helped them achieve study scores of 44 and 48 respectively. In 2019, 11 out of my 13 VCE English students achieved an average mark of A or above for their SACs.

English can be a very head-scratching subject for many as we’re often told by our teachers to show ‘deeper analysis’ without actually being told ‘how’. Forget about the out-of-date teachers many of whom can’t even write at an elite standard themselves, you’ll immediately see the difference in being tutored by a top scoring former student who has personally undertaken the latest VCE English curriculum and written almost a hundred 10/10 sample essays.

I’d like to offer dedicated tutoring that enables you to gain a plethora of unique insights and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ when analysing texts, which is an essential skill for any high achieving English student.. From my experience, every student possesses their own unique perspectives in analysing texts, but many struggle to fluidly articulate their insights in their essays and expand on them in order to create more complex analysis. My speciality lies in helping you observe and create links between those key points of analysis, guiding you through the ’step by step’ process of constructing impactful analysis. What truly separates the high scoring English students from the rest of field is the ability to make connections between concepts and themes that seem unrelated on the surface. However, I promise you that with enough practice, this seemingly vague and ambiguous approach to analysis you never got a grasp on will become formulaic and easy to deploy in helping you obtain your dream marks on assignments/SACs.

Personally, I studied Rear Window, Medea, Nineteen Eighty-Four and Stasiland. I’m also highly familiar with Ransom, Invictus, Frankenstein, Burial Rites, The Lieutenant, Extinction, The Handmaid’s Tale, Station Eleven, The Crucible and Never Let Me Go. I have contributed to study guides on many of these texts.

I have an abundance of my own sample essays I could provide you with. However, if you are studying other texts I would be more than willing to read them and even write from scratch high quality sample essays for you. As someone who experienced at first hand the new VCE English study design I will be able to help you develop insightful points of comparison to use in your essays. I enjoy going the extra mile for students and as such I’m more than happy to give feedback on practice essays even outside tutoring hours.

I’m currently accepting students for 2020. Priority spots will be given to students in year 12 and year 11 who are currently studying VCE English. I tutor at the State Library in CBD.


Economics and Criminology

University of Melbourne

2019 - 2021


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