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With over 10 years of teaching experience, I bring a refined and disciplined approach to helping your child succeed. I specialise in assisting students who have been left behind by their previous teachers.

'I hate English!' 'Maths is too hard!' 'I'll never be able to get into the course I want!'

These complaints are all too common amongst students that have not been given proper attention by their teachers. Parents often try to fix this problem by sending their children to more tutoring colleges and tutors that promise overnight success. The parents are then left wondering why their children aren’t improving – despite all the money spent on helping their child.

The issue here is that, tutoring colleges and inexperienced tutors often do not correctly address the needs of the student. This continues the students cycle of feeling helpless and building resentment towards their studies.

What your child needs in a tutor that can INSPIRE and EMPOWER their learning.
From a decade of experience in helping students reach their potential, I have developed a comprehensive approach to get students back on track and develop a PASSION for even their least favourite subjects.
This approach involves:

(1) Gaining a comprehensive understanding of where the student is struggling in their current studies. This involves carefully reviewing the student’s previous work and working together with the student to closely analysing how they formulate their answers and responses.
(2) Gaining a complete understanding of the student’s current approach to study. This involves understanding the student’s study habits, how the student learns most effectively, and how the student manages difficulties and stress whilst studying.

From this approach, through carefully planned and tailored lessons, I will be able to assist the student to achieve:

(1) Powerful and effective study techniques that will last them well beyond the HSC and into university.

(2) A passion for learning and study – no matter the subject.

(3) Significantly improved grades which are ‘effortless’ – students no longer feel study is a ‘chore’ and are inspired and invigorated by improving their knowledge and understanding.

Don’t waste any more money on tutoring colleges and inexperienced tutors that only end up burning your child out.

If you would like to arrange a consultation and are ready to help your child reach their full potential, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Commerce (Finance & Marketing)


2012 - 2018



2012 - 2018


Essay writing, creative responses, analytical skills, presentation skills

General Maths, 2 unit and Extension 1

Essay writing, problem questions, and presentation skills. HD level notes available for core law courses (Priestly 11).

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